Cricket Australia makes long-awaited change to BBL after fan backlash

Jimmy Peirson (pictured middle) speaks with the umpires during the Big Bash League.
The Big Bash has introduced the Decision Review System for the first time and scrapped the X-factor rule. (Getty Images)

The upcoming BBL and WBLL season have bowed down to pressure and introduced the Decision Review System (DRS) after years of player calls to implement the technology.

Players have been vocal in calling for the introduction of the DRS in a bid to eradicate howlers from the game, but the Bash Boost point and the unpopular X-Factor sub have been scrapped from the game.

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Plans to unveil it last season were scuppered due to the border issues caused by Covid-19.

But with Australia's international and domestic borders no longer a problem, DRS will be implemented in all BBL matches this season.

For the WBBL, the 24 matches shown on both Seven and Foxtel, including finals, will feature DRS.

The remaining 35 matches, which will be broadcast on and simulcast on Foxtel, is produced via live stream technology and currently doesn't support DRS.

The league says it will "strive towards greater DRS coverage for future WBBL seasons".

A captain will have 15 seconds to trigger a review after the appeal and each team will have one unsuccessful review per innings.

Innings clock introduced to BBL season

One of the new rules is the introduction for an innings clock.

The bowling outfit will be required to finish their 20 overs inside 79 minutes (plus allowances).

A team will be punished if they are unable to meet the requirement and be limited to only four fielders outside the field restriction circle for the remainder of the innings.

The clock will not be implemented in the WBBL.

But the women's competition will feature the Power Surge after it was successfully implemented into the BBL.

The Scorchers celebrate winning the 2021/2022 Men's Big Bash League.
The Scorchers won the 2021/2022 Men's Big Bash League. (Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images)

It means all matches will now feature a four-over Powerplay at the beginning of the innings, with a two-over Power Surge to be called by the batting team between overs 11-20.

Only two fielders may be outside the field restriction circle during these times.

Two of the rules that didn't catch on were removed the upcoming season.

The X-Factor, which allowed teams to sub in a player at the 10th over of the first innings, has been binned.

The Bash Boost, which was a bonus point awarded to the team who had the highest score at the 10-over mark, has also been scrapped.

Fans were quick to praise the BBL for making the required changes.

Competition points will revert to two for a win, one for a tie or an abandoned match, and zero for a loss.

"We retain a clear desire to innovate and drive our leagues forward but are also willing to review decisions that have not realised the intended positive impact, such as the Bash Boost point and X-Factor substitution," Cricket Australia general manager of BBL Alistair Dobson said.

The WBBL begins on October 13, with the BBL to start on December 13.

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