'Not safe': Major fears over 'unsettling' scenes in Los Angeles

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Dodgers fans celebrating on the street (pictured right) and celebrating after Dodgers won the World Series (pictured left).
The mayor of LA asked Dodgers fans to avoid celebrating in groups after the Dodgers broke a 32-year drought and won the World Series (pictured left). (Getty Images)

The Dodgers ended a 32-year championship drought with a 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6 and fans sparked serious virus concerns when they took to the streets to celebrate.

The MLB was already rocked with a massive controversy when Justin Turner returned to the field to celebrate winning the MLB World Series, despite testing positive for COVID-19.

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But to make matters worse, videos and images taking to the streets in large numbers.

There were more than 74,000 coronavirus cases in the latest US announcement and LA alone was just shy of 5,000 cases.

But this didn’t stop fans gathering on the streets, blocking traffic, in large groups to celebrate.

Videos of cars doing donuts in the middle of hundreds of spectators, and fans climbing on top of trucks prompted action from authorities.

Deputy Mayor of LA, Jeff Gorell, took to social media to implore residents to avoid gathering in groups.

“Dear LA: Please do not revel in groups. Stay isolated, alone, at home. If you’re not sure what we mean, ask a Clippers fan,” he wrote.

“Please celebrate the way Clippers fans have learned to celebrate over the years. Thank you and again Congratulations.”

News helicopters also filmed hundreds of illegal fireworks erupting across the city, which the police had previously warned residents about.

The riot squad were forced to intervene to disperse crowds in the city.

The scenes are reminiscent of those when the LA Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship, which resulted in a number of arrests.

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Turner was pulled from Wednesday’s Game 6 in the eighth inning when it was revealed he had tested positive.

Speaking after the game, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Turner was immediately placed into isolation when the Dodgers got the results of his latest test.

However the reality was very different.

Turner was back on the field celebrating with his teammates after the game, holding the World Series trophy that other players had been kissing.

He was also seen kissing his wife, hugging teammates and posing for photos without a mask on.

Fans and commentators were shocked by what they were seeing, taking to social media in disbelief.

Sarah Spain of ESPN wrote: “It’s totally brutal and I feel awful for him and the team that this is happening but ... what are we doing here?

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