'That was cheap': Flying-knee KO's fighter during wild face-off

A bare-knuckle fighter KO's his opponent after an unsuspecting flying-knee at the face-off.
A bare-knuckle fighter knocked out his opponent with a flying-knee at the weigh-in. (Images: Main Event)

A fighter has been KO'd in wild scenes after he was hit with a flying knee during the weigh-in for his upcoming bare-knuckle bout.

The bare-knuckle weigh-in for the Zames Fight Club event last week saw pandemonium as two unidentified fighters faced-off in Belarus.

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After one fighter weighed-in, he approached his opponent so the media could take photos of the pair face-to-face.

However, as he was putting on his baseball cap, his opponent jumped into the air and hit the unsuspecting fighter with a flying knee to the head.

There was no indication to what sparked the sudden attack, but the fighter was sent sprawling to the floor after the brutal shot.

Security quickly intervened, before the knocked out fighter was helped to his feet.

A scuffle broke out in the mayhem and many viewers hit out at the fighter who KO'd his unsuspecting opponent for a 'cheap shot'.

New Zealand UFC fighter Dan Hooker was one to comment on the wild scenes.

Bare-knuckle fight called off after KO

Given the knockout, reports suggested the fight was postponed for a later date.

It's fair to say plenty of viewers were dismayed at the seemingly unprovoked attack.

The Zames Fight Club had a bare-knuckle promotion for August 28.

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