'Absolute disgrace': Viewers give Roger Federer-friendly crowd a serve after John Millman epic

John Millman should have had a massive advantage over Roger Federer on Friday night - a vocal home crowd.

While the Australian world no.47 certainly did have the crowd on his side, when you’re up against a universally popular champion in Federer there’s always a chance the cheers will be split.

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It was exactly that situation Millman found himself in on Friday night - even as he took one of the greats of modern tennis to five sets, he was still hearing from hecklers in the crowd backing the Swiss maestro.

Many Aussie fans took to social media during the match to complain about the crowd not giving their local hope enough support, even labelling the crowd ‘a disgrace’.

Millman accepts crowd’s love of Federer

Even Millman himself admitted he knew he wouldn’t have been able to expect the same kind of vocal support an Australian player would usually get, simply due to Federer’s standing an international popularity.

“This is the one month that you earmark on the calendar that you know you’ll have the home support,” Millman told reporters on Thursday.

“However, against Roger, that’s probably the one time where I’m not actually too sure whether I do have the support because he’s loved universally and wherever I play him, he’s got a fair bit of support.”

Speaking after the match on Friday, Millman thanked Aussie fans for staying back until after 1am to see the end of the marathon showdown.

Roger Federer shakes hands with Australia's John Millman after their five-set epic on Friday night. (Photo by DAVID GRAY/AFP via Getty Images)

The vanquished world no.47 still got a cheeky barb in about the level of support Federer had at Melbourne Park.

“I love the support,” Millman said.

“Roger probably had a little bit more tonight.

“There was a guy trying to heckle me, calling me a few things, and then I called him something back.

“I love playing in Australia. We don’t get to do it too much; puts us at a real disadvantage throughout the year that we don’t get to play too much in Australia.

“I think Australians are at a disadvantage because of that. I try to make the most of it when I’m back here.

“Very grateful that everyone stayed and watched the battle and, you know, some of them got behind me.”