'Embarrassing': Dave Hughes airs chat with Nick Kyrgios' brother

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Dave Hughes (pictured left) at the tennis and Christos Kyrgios (pictured right) watching his brother at the tennis.
Dave Hughes (pictured left) has entered into a war-of-words with Nick Kyrgios' brother, Christos (pictured right), after chatting to him in an attempt to get him on the radio show. (Getty Images)

Radio host Dave Hughes has revealed the conversation between himself and Nick Kyrgios' brother, Christos, after a public war-of-words erupted during the Australian Open.

Just after Kyrgios' First Round victory at the Australian Open, comedian and radio host Hughes was left bewildered after Christos demanded $20,000 to appear on his breakfast radio show on Tuesday.

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At one point Kyrgios called out to Christos in the First Round match, frequently a target when his outbursts are directed at his players’ box, and was heard saying ‘Tell your girlfriend to get out of my box,’.

Kyrgios denied he was referring to Christos’ partner Alicia Gowans when asked about the moment after the match, but Hughes and co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Erin Molan were determined to get to the bottom of it.

But the demand of $20,000 for Christos to appear on the show left Hughes stunned.

This didn't sit well with Christos who appeared to hit back at the 's**t talkers' in an Instagram post.

“You see the thing is, s**t talkers are always going to talk s**t from the sidelines. Because they don’t know what it’s like to be in the heat of the battle,” he posted last Wednesday.

“But at the end of the day, strong people have an even stronger sense of self worth … they don’t need approval from others.

“Remember your value is never based on the opinion of cheap people.”

Hughes reveals Kyrgios conversation

But Hughes has now revealed the conversation between the pair.

The comedian said he was going to let the situation go, but claimed he had been tagged in a direct message from Christos.

He claimed the post didn't specifically name him, but was about about him, and he read out the messages exchanged between the pair on 2Day's The Morning Crew show.

“Mate, it’s all a laugh, yeah. No hard feelings?” Hughes said.

Christos replied: “I couldn’t care less, mate. But honestly, these guys got to stop reaching out and asking without having budget."

"These days $20k is the minimum, and it’s embarrassing to hear a show like yours doesn’t have that type of budget. It seems popular enough and should be making enough cash.”

Hughes said: “We have nowhere near that budget! The debate over getting you $1k was fierce. Media is tight now, mate.”

But Christos hit back: “Jesus, I pay my PA more a day.”

Hughes put an end to the chat: “Good on you, good luck for the year ahead, mate.”

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