Fan's genius attempt to get Federer's signature

A genius fan at the Australian Open has gone to new lengths to get an autograph from the great Roger Federer.

The Swiss legend can't go anywhere at Melbourne Park without being mobbed by fans.

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The lines to get a glimpse of him on the practice court alone are a nightmare to even think about.

So as Federer tuned up on an outside court on Friday afternoon, one fan showed incredible ingenuity to try and get a signature.

Fans can't get enough. Image: Getty
Fans can't get enough. Image: Getty

The fan couldn't get a spot inside Court 16, so had to watch on from the footbridge above.

But that didn't stop him from trying to snare an autograph, attaching a hat and tennis ball to a rope and lowering it down to where Federer would have to walk in and out of the court.

How good! Image: Getty
How good! Image: Getty

We're not sure whether or not it actually worked, but the fan definitely gets points for trying.

It wasn't the only funny moment on the practice courts on Friday, with Nick Kyrgios involved in a humorous run-in with Alexander Zverev.

The young German thought he was supposed to be practicing instead of Kyrgios, only to realise he'd shown up an hour early.