Tim Paine cops punishment after foul-mouthed spray at umpire

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Tim Paine and Nathan Lyon, pictured here questioning umpire Paul Wilson.
Tim Paine and Nathan Lyon question umpire Paul Wilson. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Australia captain Tim Paine has avoided a ban for dissent after being slapped with a fine for swearing at umpire Paul Wilson.

Paine attracted the attention of the match referee for Saturday’s expletive rant at Wilson, after a review call went against Australia on day three in Sydney.

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Paine could have potentially been suspended for the final Test against India in Brisbane if the ICC pursued the highest level of the charge.

But the 36-year-old was able to breathe a sigh of relief after accepting a level one code of conduct breach and 15 per cent fine.

The wicketkeeper was also handed one demerit point. However, he would need to pick up four of those in a two-year period to be suspended.

The charge is still likely to do little to quell Paine’s discontent at the DRS system.

Paine and Australia have been on the wrong end of several calls throughout the series, particularly when it has come to hot spot and snicko.

After being given out on a spike on snicko alone in the second Test in Melbourne, Paine was infuriated when Cheteshwar Pujara survived an appeal for caught in the first innings in Sydney.

Legside hotspot replays of the ball were obscured by Matt Wade at bat pad, and there was some slight movement on snicko, but no spike.

An offside hot spot replay, however, showed no mark on the bat as it turned but that did little to please Paine when the decision came back as not out.

“He went to hot spot from the offside,” Paine could be heard on stump microphone, seemingly questioning Wilson over Oxenford’s use of the angle.

When told it was not Wilson's decision, Paine responded: “The f***ing consistency Blocker (Wilson). There is a thing that goes past it (on snicko).”

Tim Paine, pictured here fuming after the DRS decision didn't go Australia's way.
Tim Paine was left fuming after the DRS decision didn't go Australia's way. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Australia’s rough run with DRS continues

Paine claimed last summer he also did not trust the ball-tracking system used to review lbws, claiming it made him disappointed and angry.

Australia have already had two lbw reviews go against them in the second innings in Sydney with Rohit Sharma overturning his initial dismissal and Pujara surviving a shout.

The hosts have had a rough run with the DRS since late in the Boxing Day Test.

Paine compared his call in the second Test with Australia’s inability to have a caught behind review against Pujara granted in their favour earlier in the match.

Australia also had another review turned down shortly after, believing while watching replays that a Marnus Labuschagne half-tracker had brushed Rishabh Pant’s glove.

On that occasion players could be heard saying “that's out” in the huddle, but Paine did not react after the call.

“Even after the replays I know there wasn't a heap on RTS (snicko) ... but I wouldn't be surprised if it grazed the glove,” Pat Cummins said.

Paine had also taken issue with the ball-tracking system last summer, in a Test against New Zealand.

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