Aussie tennis stars blow up over sportsmanship 'disgrace'

Two Australian tennis stars have been left seething after their doubles match-up at the Hungarian Open was marred by controversy.

Arina Rodionova and Priscilla Hon had teamed up to take on Spain’s Georgina Garcia Perez and the Czech Republic’s Renata Voracova in the first round.

After losing the first set, the Aussie duo charged back in the second to force a deciding first-to-10 tiebreaker.

Controversy erupts in doubles match between Arina Rodionova and Priscilla Hon of Australia and Spain’s Georgina Garcia Perez and Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic.

The pair were irate after a Hon backhand cleared the net and hit Voracova in the head and bounced back over the net.

The umpire didn’t see it though and awarded the point to Voracova, mistakenly believing it had come off her racquet.

Rodionova and Hon argued with the official, but were incensed when the Czech player refused to own up to the incorrect call.

Once it became obvious the European pair weren’t going to own up, Rodionova sarcastically clapped her racquet at their opponents.

The call allowed the European’s to take a 2-0 lead in the tiebreaker, in which they eventually prevailed 10-3.

The Australian partners refused to shake their Perez and Voracova’s hands after the match.

Tensions high

Rodionova let loose on the European duo online after the match.

She even tagged Voracova in a fiery Instagram post, suggesting the feud could be far from over.

The girl with great head shot skills is Renata Voracova aka @rendi49.,” she wrote.

“If you think that she admitted that she literally scored a goal with her head you are very wrong.

She turned around and was laughing with her partner Georgina Garcia Perez about the whole thing.

I hope she goes to bed tonight feeling good about herself and today’s ‘fair’ win.”