'This is insane': Australian Open star rages over 'unfair' umpire ruling

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Alize Cornet (pictured) arguing with the chair umpire at the Australian Open.
Alize Cornet (pictured) became enraged after a rough call from the chair umpire at the Australian Open. (Getty Images)

French star Alize Cornet has called out an Australian Open chair umpire after she received a time violation for checking the sun in her eyes before her serve.

Cornet was down a set and serving in the second against No.29 seed Tamara Zidansek when she was about to serve.

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The French star looked up to check if the sun was going to affect her ball toss when the chair umpire ruled she had exceeded the serve clock and would be docked a first serve.

The prompted Cornet to explode with anger after her claim this was part of her service routine.

“This is insane. I didn’t do anything. I took my towel, I took the ball and I went. I didn’t even wait for one second,” Cornet said as she approached the umpire.

Chair umpire Katarzyna Radwan-Cho said she called the violation before her serve after starting the shot clock.

“I waited until the balls were dead and that’s when I started the clock,” Radwan-Cho added.

“That’s impossible. I took the ball and I went straight here on the line. What is your problem with me?” Cornet added, before walking back to her service mark

However, she wasn't done as she approached the chair umpire for a second time.

“Don’t say anything. Just listen to me,” she said.

“It is very far and you have to walk every time. And you’re here just sitting and you’re like ‘time violation’. It’s a little bit too much.”

Alize Cornet fights back after tough call

Cornet did find some support in former Olympian David Culbert.

“On that occasion she was checking the sun and I feel that that’s a legitimate move,” he said during commentary.

“As a part of her service motion. So if she had’ve thrown the ball up and caught it, that’s okay. But she was checking the sun, I’m on her side here.”

Many in the tennis world thought Cornet the call against Cornet was harsh.

Cornet went on to complete the comeback and defeat Zidansek 4-6, 6-4, 6-2.

She will now face Romanian Simona Halep in the Round of 16.

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