Aubrey Plaza's best movie is now on Netflix

aubrey plaza in emily the criminal
Aubrey Plaza's best movie is now on NetflixUniversal

Aubrey Plaza's best movie Emily the Criminal has launched on Netflix.

The 2022 film from writer and director John Patton Ford sees the White Lotus and Parks and Recreation star play Emily Benetto, a young woman who gets involved in a credit card scam.

This is due to her drowning in student debt and being locked out of the job market over her criminal record, and Emily increasingly gets pulled into the Los Angeles criminal underworld.

aubrey plaza in emily the criminal

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Emily the Criminal debuted to huge acclaim when it was released, with particular praise going towards Plaza's performance, and sits at an impressive 94% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is now available to watch on Netflix in both the UK and the US.

Speaking to Digital Spy back in 2022 about the movie, Plaza touched upon the timeliness of the project in the wake of recent conversations about student loan debt.

"It was never written to make any kind of like a political statement or anything," she explained. "And I don't choose parts for any reason than if I think it's going to be an amazing movie and entertaining movie, but [Emily the Criminal] happens to also have this message and point of view."

aubrey plaza in emily the criminal

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Writer Ford also revealed that he originally envisioned the lead as male, though when he began to centre it on a woman "it all became more interesting".

"It's something that was higher stakes for the woman – for whatever reason – but the real reason is that I began to think about the character herself," he added.

In other news, Plaza's latest movie My Old Ass has been receiving huge acclaim following its Sundance premiere, earning a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film follows a queer teenager called Elliott (Maisy Stella) who takes mushrooms and encounters her future self (Plaza).

Emily the Criminal is available to watch now on Netflix in the UK and the US.

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