'Horrific': Outrage over MMA fighter's 'execution' celebration

A rising MMA star has sparked controversy by pretending to shoot an unconscious opponent with a gun after a devastating KO.

Asiashu Tshitamba rocked Billy Oosthuizen with a brutal front-kick to the face in the Extreme Fighting Championship recently.

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Oosthuizen was unconscious on his feet, before crumpling to the mat after a follow-up strike from Tshitamba.

The MMA world widely celebrated the stunning KO, but Tshitamba’s actions immediately afterwards caused some outrage.

Asiashu Tshitamba feigned shooting his opponent. Image: EFC

The South African fighter celebrated his KO by pulling out an imaginary gun and pretending to shoot Oosthuizen twice.

Numerous fans immediately moved to condemn the disturbing act.

EFC boss defends Tshitamba

However the EFC's Vice President for Talent, Graeme Cartmell, said fighters are free to celebrate however they see fit.

"I've got the be honest with you, we take a stance that these guys are presenting their own images," Cartmell told Business Insider.

"And whatever they do will ultimately encourage fans to garner them in high regard or see them in the way a few people have seen them on Twitter.

"50% of the room are gonna go 'that was awesome' and take it like a cowboy reference to Billy The Kid, and others will say it's not the way to do it.

"I certainly wouldn't condone it from that perspective, but if that's how he celebrates, that what he's chosen to do."

It marked Tshitamba’s fourth-straight victory in the EFC, improving record to 4-1.