Shane Warne in ugly post-match altercation with England players

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Shane Warne has lashed out at Matt Prior after the former England Test star publicly rejoiced in Nathan Lyon’s heartache.

Lyon had the Ashes on his fingertips when a horrible mix-up between Ben Stokes and Jack Leach handed the Aussies a relatively simple runout chance late in the dramatic third Test at Headingley.

Shane Warne; Glenn McGrath and Michel Vaughan at Headingley before the third Test. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

However Lyon fumbled the ball and couldn’t complete the runout that would have meant Australia retained the Ashes.

Amid Lyon’s devastation, Prior couldn’t contain his excitement.

The former Test star took to Twitter, posting ‘Nathan Lyon’ alongside a wide-eyes emoji and the hashtags #mothercricket and #sleepwell.

That tweet didn’t sit well with Warne, who has now fired back.

“Just because Lyon knocked you over for fun, there’s still no need for that kind of silly and immature behaviour,” Warne tweeted in response.

“Grow up, and enough of those stupid comments. Let’s celebrate the wonderful game of test cricket & the Ashes please !”

Warne also took aim at former England cricketer Chris Adams, who supported Prior’s comments.

Prior then fired back, saying the Aussies had ‘short memories’ after Lyon publicly savaged Prior back in 2013.

Why Prior lashed Lyon

Prior and Lyon have history and the Englishman might still be fuming about comments from the Aussie in 2017.

Lyon said Prior was “scared” throughout the 2013/14 Ashes series in Australia, which Prior left prematurely due to stress-related issues.

“It was an unbelievable feeling knowing that they were broken,” Lyon said.

“Leading into Perth we knew that they were, we knew Matt Prior wanted to fly home before the game started and he was one of the senior players.

“He was scared. It’s four years ago. I think he’s all right now.”

Matt Prior after being dismissed by Nathan Lyon in 2013. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Prior was seething over the remarks.

“Last time someone spouted a whole load of BS about me I stayed quiet not this time,” he tweeted at the time.

“To be clear I may have been playing badly fair enough but there was no way I was getting on a plane home.

“You’ve embarrassed yourself @NathLyon421 & this game has a funny way of biting back.”

England greats weigh in

Stuart Broad also weighed in, referencing the treatment he’s routinely copped in Australia.

“My stick was pretty tasty, called upon by Australians, for not walking, when I can’t think of many genuine walking Aussies? 22 players in back to back Ashes series nicked it & didn’t walk,” he wrote on Twitter.

However former captain Michael Vaughan said there was “no need” for Prior’s comments.

But Daily Mail writer Paul Newman disagreed, saying Lyon deserved everything he was receiving.