Titans guns could walk if Henry remains coach

Two of the Titans brightest young players have reportedly threatened to quit the embattled club unless Gold Coast coach Neil Henry is sacked.

News Corp is reporting that gun halves pair Ash Taylor and Kane Elgey are prepared to walk out on the club if Henry stays in the job following the Jarryd Hayne drama.

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The Courier-Mail says senior recruitment officers at rival clubs have been told Taylor and Elgey won't sign new contracts with the Titans while Henry remains at the helm.

The under-siege Gold Coast coach was forced to deny rumours of a rift between himself and Hayne on Tuesday, insisting that the pair could work together in the future.

This latest development would strenghten the notion the problem extends beyond just Henry and Hayne - an idea that Gold Coast CEO Graham Annesley alluded to on Monday.

"It's broader than what might appear on the surface in relation to Jarryd and Neil," Annesley said.

Taylor and Elgey are both off-contract next season with reports the Broncos are keen to secure the former's signature.

The loss of either player would represent a massive blow to the Titans, but losing both would be a disaster.

Taylor and Elgey are two of the Titans' brightest young stars. Pic: Getty
Taylor and Elgey are two of the Titans' brightest young stars. Pic: Getty

Henry addressed speculation of unrest within his playing group but said it was part and parcel of being an NRL coach.

"I can't comment on that," Henry said.

"He (Annesley) said that and he has garnished some information, time will tell about that. That will be part of what the board deliberates on.

"You can't expect your whole squad will buy into what you do. Every week, you only pick 17 out of a squad of 32 or 33 and some players will be unhappy, that's the nature of the beast in any sport."

Henry will coach the Titans against Hayne's former club Parramatta on Thursday night, but he labels widespread reports of his feud with Hayne as a "beat up in the media."

While a report emerged that the board had already decided it will sack Henry, the coach acknowledged he was in the dark about his future, not having spoken to Annesley since Monday.

"There's speculation (about my future), and we'll find out I suppose in due course whether or not that's true," Henry said.

"It's about being consistent, it's about some give and take and putting the club first.

"Our challenge is to finish the season in a positive way and my challenge is to finish the season as a coach."

While Henry refuted claims of a rift, he was circumspect when asked if he viewed the superstar as a team player.

"That's a difficult one," he said.

"He's part of the team, he works hard and certainly we know he can play some decent football, but he hasn't had the year he's expected and everyone's expected and he'd admit to that as well.

"But there's not a feud between us - it's not like we don't talk to each other - we converse, we talk tactics and there's banter before the game."

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