Argentinian player banned for six years for kicking referee in head

Brooks Pect at the Dirty Tackle

Leandro Schiavi, younger brother of Boca Juniors defender Rolando Schiavi, has been given a six-year ban for his part in a vicious assault on the referee during a match between Club Jorge Newbery and Huracan earlier this month.

After Schiavi was booked a second time and sent off, he and several of his teammates attacked the referee, with Schiavi himself getting in the worse blow with a kick to the official's head.

Shiavi can be seen kicking the referee at around the 30 second mark in the video above.

As a result of the incident, Schiavi and two of his teammates were given six-year bans while four others were given one-year bans.

This is why you have to be incredibly brave to be a referee in Argentina.