Are the Anthony Edwards-Michael Jordan comparisons legit?

The last time the Chicago Bulls won a championship, Michael Jordan was leading the charge. He’s widely regarded as the best player in NBA history, but there’s one guy in the league getting a ton of comparisons to him right now: Anthony Edwards. Elias Schuster of Bleacher Nation weighed in on those likening Edwards to Jordan.

“The Anthony Edwards-Michael Jordan comparisons are growing louder,” Schuster wrote. “I think we can all agree that attaching anyone to the GOAT feels extremely hyperbolic, but I also can’t sit here and say I don’t understand the similarities. Edwards is starting to build a reputation that centers around his obsessive competitiveness and high-flying antics. His ability to get downhill and control his body around the rim is also reminiscent of what we saw from Jordan.

“I still lean toward a Dwyane Wade comp for Edwards, particularly when we consider his athletic build and viciousness (something about Jordan’s game felt more fluid and graceful). But, again, I get it.”

As Edwards continues to lead the Minnesota Timberwolves on their quest for a championship, it seems inevitable that he will draw more and more comparisons to Jordan the more he wins.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire