Andy Murray following UK election debates in Paris

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Andy Murray following UK election debates in Paris

Andy Murray says he has been keeping up with the UK election campaign during the French Open, revealing: "We've been following all the political debates".

The world number one secured his place in the fourth round with a straight-sets win over Juan Martin del Potro, but it is rallies of a different kind that are holding Murray's attention off court.

Discussing his Paris living arrangements in a BBC Sport blog, Murray said: "Last year was the first time at the French Open that we stayed in a house near to the courts, and we're doing the same again this time.

"It's very relaxed, we can eat at home and watch TV, spend family time together.

"We've been following all the political debates from home as well as the football, like the Europa League and Champions League finals – does that count as watching French TV?

"It's very different in New York, for example, because we stay in the city and it's really busy.

"You'd sign up for 40 minutes getting to the courts, so there's quite a lot of time spent going to and from the tennis, which makes the days feel a bit longer.

"Here, we're five minutes away and it's great. I can arrive a bit later and get back quickly to see the family.

"It's not quite Wimbledon, when I get to stay in my own bed every night, but it feels a little bit more like normal home life than the other slams.

"Hopefully I can extend my stay a little longer, I'm not ready to go home quite yet."