Andrew Johns' solution for Cameron Munster after Cam Smith caught in staggering revelation

The rugby league immortal says if Cameron Munster's injury isn't handled properly it could end his NRL career.

Newcastle Knights legend Andrew Johns has urged Melbourne to take injured star Cameron Munster to a specialist in Sydney as he looks to shake a niggling groin issue. The crafty five-eighth hasn't played since he slipped in the shower and aggravated the injury during the club's pre-season trip to Fiji.

The rugby league immortal dealt with a troublesome groin himself during his playing career at the Knights and warned Munster that if he doesn't get it fixed it could end his NRL career. "It's gonna be so tough for him. He's at that age. He's 30," Johns said on Wide World of Sports' Immortal Behaviour. "And Munster being Munster, I was in the sheds (last week) and I was talking to him about it and he was skylarking a bit.

Pictured L-R: Cameron Munster, Andrew Johns, Cameron Smith
Andrew Johns has urged Melbourne to take injured star Cameron Munster to a specialist in Sydney to treat his groin injury as Cameron Smith accidentally revealed the Storm star still can't run properly. Image: Getty

"I said, 'mate, this will finish you. If you don't get this right, this will finish you'. I think he realises how serious it is because it is. It can just come and go for no reason."

Johns wants the five-eighth to see Sydney-based osteopath Kay Macpherson - a woman who fixed his groin injury some two decades ago. The NRL immortal described groin injuries as "the most debilitating injury".

"It was awful – I couldn't get out of bed in the morning. I couldn't stand and put shorts or jeans on, I had to sit down," he said. "Coughing and sneezing was like a form of torture. It travels – sometimes (the pain) is in your belly, then it's on the attachment and then it's elsewhere. Then you feel like you're right, then you start running, and then for no rhyme or reason, you wake up one morning and just go, 'Oh, I can't get up'."

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 08:  Cameron Munster of the Storm reacts after losing the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and Melbourne Storm at Suncorp Stadium on September 08, 2023 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)
Cameron Munster hasn't played since he slipped in the shower and aggravated his groin injury during the club's pre-season trip to Fiji. Image: Getty (Bradley Kanaris via Getty Images)

Cameron Smith accidentally reveals shock Cameron Munster news

Johns' revelation comes after Cameron Smith had a hot mic moment on his SEN show Captain's Run, telling co-host Denan Kemp that the Storm still have no idea when he is going to be right to play again. The accidental slip-up was promptly deleted from all platforms, but not before some speedy fans saved the clip. "It’s a bit concerning the Munster thing, hey," Smith said in the since deleted radio clip. "They have no idea, they actually have no idea when he is going to be okay. He can hardly run."

Kemp interjected saying Munster is only set to miss "another few weeks" after Storm general manager Frank Ponissi said earlier this week that he should be right to return to the side in round five. But Smith doesn't see how that is possible. "He’s not even f***ing running yet," Smith said. "The last I heard was before last week’s game, they (were) just like mate it is a day-by-day thing."

Greg Alexander says Cameron Munster's groin issue is complex

Panthers great Greg Alexander says he was told Munster's groin issue is more complex than initially thought. "I had heard that it was a bit odd, a bit strange," Alexander said on Fox League's NRL broadcast.

"It wasn’t your regulation groin injury. Cameron Smith is just confirming that, that they’re trying to find out what the problem is. When you’re dealing with groins, it could be a whole lot of issues. It could be hips, it could be lower back, it could be hamstrings, it could be a lot of related things that can then be causing problems with the groin.


"It’s a concern, they’re doing pretty well without him, but it will continue to get harder for them the longer Cameron Munster is out. He’s one of the best players in the game so remove him out of the side long term, and it will be tough for them."

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