Amused Arthur laughs off reminder of pre-Ashes sacking

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Amused Arthur laughs off reminder of pre-Ashes sacking

There was an amusing moment in Mickey Arthur's pre-match news conference on Saturday as Pakistan's coach was inadvertently reminded of a painful moment in his career.

On the eve of his team's ICC Champions Trophy clash with India at Edgbaston, Arthur was invited to comment on the significance of the fixture for both teams.

However, a reporter then asked how Pakistan and India's rivalry compares to the Ashes – seemingly unaware of the fact Arthur was memorably sacked as Australia's head coach less than three weeks before the 2013 Test series against England.

Arthur burst into laughter and prompted chuckles among the assembled journalists as he replied: "To be honest, I got sacked just before the Ashes. So I never ever experienced that.

"I experienced the planning. I didn't experience the actual [contest] ... but I did experience playing against England as the Australian coach [in other formats]."

Arthur continued: "But more to the point, in terms of the rivalry I've had it's been South Africa [versus] Australia. And that was always a massive series for myself and the team when I was the South African coach because that was the team we always liked to beat.

"So that was the closest I've probably come to this rivalry. But I think this rivalry is certainly bigger than most and I'm just so excited to be part of it.

"The passion, the excitement, the expectation. Those are all words that come to mind, and it's fantastic. I just can't wait for tomorrow [Sunday]. The team can't wait."