Sport-starved, confused Americans lose it over Aussie footy

Australia has curiously positioned itself as a beacon of hope for sport-starved viewers.

With the majority of sporting competitions suspended around the world, Australia is in an advantageous global position, whereby its biggest competitions are still in full swing - albeit behind closed doors.

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With fans desperate to get their fix of live sport, many have turned to Australia as their source of content.

The AFL, NRL and A-League seasons have forged on amid the COVID-19 crisis and it appears as though American viewers can't get enough - particularly when it comes to the two footy codes.

American sports fans are tuning into Australia to get their live sport fix.
Australia's footy codes have been attracting a new legion of foreign supporters. Pic: Getty

With little to no other live sport to broadcast in the States, networks such as Fox Sports have been beaming the Australian footy matches to a whole legion of potential new fans.

It doesn't matter that the majority of Americans don't seem to have any idea what's happening during a game of AFL and NRL - they are loving it regardless.

The responses on social media have been nothing short of hilarious.

Australian fans keen to educate foreign viewers

Aussie fans have reacted superbly to mass unbridled enthusiasm and mass confusion from our American friends.

Many Australian supporters have gone out of their way to help educate foreign viewers to the various rules and regulations in our codes that seem alien to those overseas.

Some have even made a concerted attempt to spruik the merits of their own clubs in an attempt to recruit a new overseas army of supporters.