Alicia Molik rushes to help young tennis player in scary scenes on live TV

The Aussie tennis great sprung to action amid the scary incident.

Alicia Molik speaks and Molik helps a young tennis player.
Aussie tennis great Alicia Molik (pictured left) was quick to react to help a young tennis player who collapsed in the background of a live Adelaide International press conference. (Images: Getty Images/Channel 7)

Aussie tennis great Alicia Molik has reacted quickly during a live broadcast to help a young tennis player who collapsed in the background during an Adelaide International press conference. Molik was announced as the new director of the Adelaide International, which will take place at the beginning of next year ahead of the Australian Open.

Molik was speaking to the media during the press conference when a thudding noise was heard behind her. The two-time grand slam doubles champion turned around and noticed one of the young tennis stars standing in the background had collapsed.

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Without hesitation, Molik rushed over to help the young girl who lay motionless on the floor. A number of officials also went over to help the young girl named Jasmine. Molik sprung into action and delivered first aid and rolled Jasmine on her side in a bid to clear her airways in case of any danger.

The Aussie tennis great waited with the young girl until she was taken to hospital. The Adelaide Advertiser reported Jasmine had been playing tennis for two hours before the collapse and she was recovering in hospital.

Alicia Molik cheers her team on.
Alicia Molik (pictured) jumped to help a young tennis player at a press conference on Thursday. (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Alicia Molik aims to showcase women's tennis

After the scary drama was taken care of and everyone was safe, Molik discussed her plan to further showcase the depth of Australian women's tennis during her time as director of the Adelaide International.

“Women’s tennis in Australia has been, from a team’s perspective, in a really strong position,” Molik said after a strong few weeks from Aussie women's tennis. “In the last 10 years, we went from having a No. 4 in the world in Sam Stosur to a No. 1 in singles in Ash Barty, who started and finished her career under my tenure.

“Now we have another (doubles) No. 1 in Storm Hunter, and Ellen (Perez) has hit one of the highest points in her doubles career (at world No. 17) as well. It’s in an incredibly healthy spot.” And Molik said promoting some of the upcoming talent was at the top of her priorities. “In the next few years, I feel like we’ll have a lot more of our junior players in the senior team because we’ve some really great young talents in Australian tennis,” Molik said.

“I think they’re in a wonderful position, but I don’t think they need me any more. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be a big supporter of these women, because they are genuine. They’re very good friends of mine and I just can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.”

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