Alex Caruso says Pacers seemed ‘tired’ in Bulls win

The Chicago Bulls welcomed the Indiana Pacers to town on Wednesday night in hopes of bouncing back after their Saturday night loss to the Washington Wizards. They did exactly that, earning a massive win over the Pacers. Chicago picked up a 125-99 victory over Indiana, playing some of the best defense on the Pacers of any team all season.

This was the first time that any team had held the Pacers below 100 points all season. Nobody on the Pacers cracked the 20-point mark, while DeMar DeRozan (27 points), Nikola Vucevic (22 points and 12 rebounds), and Andre Drummond (14 points and 11 rebounds) led the way for the Bulls.

After the game, Alex Caruso said that the Pacers seemed tired, but the Bulls also played well. (H/t ESPN)

“They seemed a little tired, but we played well,” Caruso said. “We covered for each other and didn’t have any of those lapses where we give up a slip-out layup or somebody forgot to rotate or get in and battle for the rebound.”

Chicago’s win over the Pacers was a great bounce-back for them.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire