'Aggressive' handshake sparks fight between tennis pros

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

An overly aggressive post-match handshake between two young competitors at the Henderson Tennis Open in Las Vegas has sparked an ugly confrontation.

Alycia Parks, 18, was less than impressed with opponent Katherine Sebov, 20, after the latter let out a triumphant scream after claiming a 6-0, 7-6 victory.

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After tossing her racquet to the ground in frustration, Parks met Sebov at the net.

The teenager was left furious after Sebov ‘aggressively’ squeezed her hand over the net, angrily remonstrating with her opponent after the chair umpire declined to take any action.

The umpire had to separate the two before Parks’ coach ran on to the court as well, demanding a forfeit against Sebov.

“Come on forfeit her, forfeit her. You see what we go through,” the coach could be heard saying.

A chippy match and an overly aggressive handshake led to a confrontation between tennis players Alycia Park and Katherine Sebov at the Henderson Tennis Open in Las Vegas. Picture: Twitter

“Y’all see what we go through? Y’all saw that. Everybody saw. Forfeit that garbage.”

Parks later took to Twitter to explain her side of the story, saying Sebov had slapped her hand.

“So about this whole video situation, after the last point I walked to the net the opponent slapped my hand and squeezed it harder than anyone else with aggression,” she wrote.

“I told the ref what happened, if you could see that’s why he climbed down from his chair before we could even shake.

“On top of that, if you won the match why are you squeezing my hand in aggression looked at me with anger and pushed my arm back after the handshake instead of letting go lightly?”

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