Patrick Dangerfield's hilarious stitch-up of 'peacocking' journo

Andrew Reid
·3-min read
Seen here, Patrick Dangerfield and AFL media man Damian Barrett.
Patrick Dangerfield secretly filmed AFL media man Damian Barrett for a funny social media prank. Pic: Twitter@dangerfield35

Patrick Dangerfield is used to be critiqued by the media for his AFL exploits but the Geelong superstar gave an unsuspecting journalist a taste of his own medicine on Thursday.

The veteran Cats star clearly had some spare time up his sleeve as he and teammates waited in their Gold Coast quarantine hub for a press conference with Gillon McLachlan to get underway.

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Several reporters were standing outside in anticipation of the AFL CEO’s media address, unbeknownst to the fact that Dangerfield and Cats teammates Gary Ablett and Tom Hawkins were watching them from behind the glass inside.

Dangerfield spotted AFL media man Damian Barrett and Tom Browne among the group gathered outside, so he decided to film them on smart phone.

Barrett was the first target of Dangerfield's hi jinx as the Geelong player focused on the journalist's untucked shirt, while providing running commentary on the video.

"Like he’s got a jacket, he hasn’t tucked his shirt in. Who does he think he is?," Dangerfield said as he zoomed in on the reporter standing some ways off in the distance.

“Damian, I will give you a sliding doors moment for this weekend and it’s tuck in or no tuck in? Tuck it in Damian.”

Hawkins and Ablett could be heard chuckling along in the background, before the former weighed in with his own commentary on Barrett's unkempt appearance.

"That’s poor attention to detail," Hawkins added.

Barrett had no idea he was the subject of a video that would soon be posted online, but Dangerfield was far from finished.

In a second video the Geelong ace posted on social media, Barrett can be seen walking away with his shirt still untucked, prompting Dangerfield to declare that he was almost “peacocking", in mock reference to the journalist's casual strut.

The Cats stars could be heard letting out a loud laugh when Barrett finally decided it was time to tuck his shirt in.

Dangerfield and his teammates then turned their attention to Browne, capturing video of he and Barrett having a kick to one another while they waited for McLachlan's press conference to get underway.

"What do we think of Tom Browne's kicking style," Dangerfield asked, before highlighting his lack of "follow through" and an attempted one handed catch that went to ground.

After McLachlan's press conference - where he revealed that Queensland's AFL rescue act would pump some $60 million into the state's economy - Dangerfield confronted the two reporters to reveal his cheeky stunt.

"Thanks for joining the AFL's media watch," the Geelong man signed off into the camera as the two reporters sheepishly looked on.