'I loved him': Sad Father's Day fallout in AFL baby love triangle

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Josh Hill is pictured here with his fiancee on the right and former girlfriend on the left.
Former AFL player Josh Hill became new dad twice in the space of one week in August. Pic: Instagram

Josh Hill's ex-partner has left an emotional message on social media to mark Father's Day, weeks after giving birth to one of the former AFL players two newborn babies.

Hill recently had the rare distinction of becoming a new dad twice within the space of a week.

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In August, the ex-West Coast and Western Bulldogs forward celebrated the birth of new daughter, Noa, with his fiancee Jo Duffy.

Hill posted beautiful shots of the new addition to his family on social media after baby Noa was born on August 8.

Seen here, Josh Hill and his baby daughter Noa.
Josh Hill baby poses with baby daughter Noa from his partnership with fiancee Jo Duffy. Pic: Instagram

However, he failed to acknowledge the birth of his other child - another baby girl named Mila Grace - born to a former girlfriend Kara Wicks some five days later.

Hill confirmed to The Daily Mail that he was the father to both children, but he hasn't been seen in any photos with Mila Grace since her birth.

However, Ms Wicks took to Instagram on Father's Day to post a beautiful photo of her baby girl with a touching message about her once loving relationship with Hill.

“Darling girl, from your very first Father’s Day I promise to give you double the love. Along with that promise I need you to know that no matter what you read on the internet one day, once upon a time your dad did love me and I loved him," the post read.

Hill's baby love triangle came to light after Wikipedia updated his page to explain the crazy situation.

“2020 has been a big year for Hill, becoming a father for the first time … two children born in the same week to two different women,” it read.

Hill has since confirmed to the Daily Mail that he is the father of both children but denies that he was ever in a serious relationship with Wicks.

“It was a mistake having sex with this girl, and I’m spending every day making it up to my partner.

“It was a casual arrangement, which I stupidly didn’t stop straight away.”

Hill vows to honour responsibilities to both children

However, a close friend of Ms Wicks told the Daily Mail the couple were "together for over 12 months" and had entered into a long-distance after he moved from Perth to Melbourne.

The Instagram page of MS Wicks is still filled with numerous pictures of her and Hill together, taken at various locations.

Pictured right, the baby daughter conceived between Kara Wicks and Josh Hill.
Wicks and Hill are pictured together on the left, with a shot of their baby daughter Mila Grace on the right. Pic: Instagram

While Hill has so far distanced himself from Wicks' birth, he insists he will “honour his responsibilities” as a father to both children.

The former forward moved from Perth to Victoria after being delisted from the West Coast Eagles at the end of the 2017 season.

He played 107 games for the Eagles, with a previous 66-game stint at the Western Bulldogs before retiring from the AFL at the age of 28.

Hill is now a coach at the Melbourne-based St Albans Saints football club.

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