'Disgraceful': Sam Newman's explosive new swipe at Caroline Wilson

Andrew Reid
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Pictured here, Sam Newman and Caroline Wilson have a history of bad blood.
Sam Newman has launched a fresh attack on Caroline Wilson's character. Pic: Getty/Ch9

Sam Newman may have parted ways with Channel Nine, but the outspoken footy identity is not about to go quietly into retirement.

Newman's 35-year association with Nine came to an end last month after the 74-year-old was roundly condemned for unsavoury comments about George Floyd - the black man killed in police custody in the United States.

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Wilson and Newman have a history of bad blood and the former was one of many to condemn the former Footy Show host for calling Floyd a "piece of s**t", among other things.

“Sam, you’ve got a terrible history in the area of race relations, and you’ve done it again, unleashing a series of bitter and divisive rants,” she said on Footy Classified before Newman left Channel 9.

“What an unfortunate piece of timing that the Sunday Footy Show decided to bring you back this week and portray you as the venerable football bead after you had unleashed so much bitterness.”

Newman hit back at Wilson at the time, labelling her a "piece of work" and suggesting the veteran AFL journalist had a chequered history herself when it came to women's sport and disabled sport.

Posting from his Twitter account on Thursday, Newman levelled a series of accusations at Wilson in an attempt to prove his point that she has several "skeletons" in her closet.

The first of Newman's examples references a story about Buddy Franklin with a headline that uses the term 'King Kong Buddy', which could easily be interpreted as a play on words for the famous former wrestler King Kong Bundy.

When that suggestion was put to Newman by one user, he hit back by claiming it was definitive proof that Wilson is racist, even if she wasn't the author of the story.

Newman's second example took aim at a comment Wilson made during an appearance on ABC’s Offsiders in 2008, where she said the Paralympics was "not really like sport".

When one user put it to Newman that he was spending his free time looking for dirt on Wilson, the 73-year-old denied the suggestion and claimed the material had been sent to him.

Latest attack continues bad blood between pair

Newman's previous spat with Wilson came after he was slammed for suggesting that AFL players were intimidated into kneeling before matches - in what was a show of unity for the Black Lives Matter cause.

“How long before we stop being intimidated into nodding in agreement and question the REAL motives. The game may be incidental,” Newman tweeted

“Division, conflict, fury, rage, angst, anarchy, disruption, group guilt, group shaming, acquiescence. Don’t include EVERYONE in the mob mentality, please. AFL is sport!!”

Those comments didn’t sit well with veteran journo Wilson, who condemned Newman for his ‘bitter’ and ‘divisive’ take.

“He said most players didn't understand why they were kneeling and had been intimidated into it,” Wilson said on Footy Classified on Monday.

“For what it's worth, I didn't think it was political, I thought it was social and a united move and it was one that united all the players, black and white, and represented a brotherhood that Newman did not understand and therefore tried to belittle.

“Sam, you've got a terrible history in the area of race relations, and you've done it again, unleashing a series of bitter and divisive rants.”