Vision emerges of Richmond's epic party antics

Videos have emerged showing Dustin Martin and Jack Riewoldt still partying six days after Richmond's breakthrough premiership victory.

As you can see in the video above, Martin and Riewoldt made an appearance at 'Lucky Thursdays' last night, partying on the stage at the Melbourne nightclub and spraying champagne over patrons.

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It was a similar scene on Grand Final night, with Dusty letting loose at another Melbourne bar after Richmond thrashed Adelaide at the MCG.

The Norm Smith Medallist can be seen standing up on the bar before popping a $1500 bottle of Dom Perignon and spraying it all over the crowd.

Martin then finishes off the remainder of the bottle that didn't end up on the bar's roof.

Martin sprays the champagne everywhere. Pic: 15MOF

Their late-night antics were first revealed by Riewoldt on AFL 360 on Monday.

"He was just spraying it everywhere," Riewoldt said of Martin.

"And then I can remember seeing the crowd look up and think that's $1500 Don Perignon and they had their mouths open."

Meanwhile, more footage, published by '15 Minutes of Fame', shows Martin walking towards the Melbourne bar late on Saturday night before his champagne antics.

Despite a massive line of patrons waiting to get in, Dusty walks straight up to the bouncer with a big entourage in tow - including manager Ralph Carr, teammate Josh Caddy and former player Michael Gardiner.

Dusty can be seen sweet-talking the security guard before stepping aside and ushering his posse straight into the club, as hoards of 'regular Joes' watch on in disdain.

It seems like everything Martin touches turns to gold in 2017, and this epic new video will only endear himself further with his legion of fans.