Gillon McLachlan admits 'mistake' after Adelaide 'robbed' of AFL win over Sydney

The AFL boss admitted the 'mistake' as the Adelaide Crows were left in disbelief.

Gillon McLachlan (pictured right) admitted the Adelaide Crows should have had a goal in the final moments against the Swans. (Images: Fox Sports/Getty Images)
Gillon McLachlan (pictured right) admitted the Adelaide Crows should have had a goal in the final moments against the Swans. (Images: Fox Sports/Getty Images)

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has fronted the media and admitted the controversial umpiring call that cost the Adelaide Crows in their clash against the Swans was a 'mistake'. The Swans won the game against the Crows 74-73, but the showdown ended in controversy after the goal umpire awarded a behind rather than a goal from a Ben Keays shot.

A goal would have handed the Crows the win, but the umpire opted not to send the behind up for review despite a very close call. Replays showed the ball did not appear to touch the post and a goal should have been awarded.

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Adelaide fans have been incensed at the decision, which cost them the game. And McLachlan front the media on Sunday morning to confirm that there were two errors in the moment that cost the Crows a goal.

“There was a goal umpiring decision that should have been reviewed – and that was a mistake,” he said of the incident. “I want to say conclusively that if the decision had been reviewed, it would have been overturned and it would have been a goal.

“It’s a human error that happens repeatedly through games and across the course of the year. But this is an error that, given the context and the moment was of great consequence, I want to acknowledge that was a mistake and want to take accountability for the mistake on behalf of the league.”

Riley Thilthorpe reacts after the loss.
Riley Thilthorpe (pictured) devastated after the Crows were defeated by the Sydney Swans. (Photo by Sarah Reed/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

McLachlan was asked whether the result would be looked at, but the boss was adamant: “The result stands.” He then admitted the incident happened so quickly because of the Swans playing on, it caused chaos.

“The kick-in was so quick. It was within 10 seconds … Sydney played on and the moment was lost and gone," he added. “The system, I don’t feel, is at fault. It was a mistake that happens repeatedly and I think all football supporters and people understand there are many mistakes during the course of the game.”

Adelaide Crows fans lose it over behind result

Fans were rightfully dumbfounded at the decision to hand the Crows a behind and called out the system. Many were left wondering why the decision wasn't sent up stairs, which would have quelled the drama.

Adelaide chief executive Tim Silvers responded to McLachlan's press conference and claimed the admission didn't help the club in a season-defining game. "Human error is, and always will be, part of football and we recognise our own performance in the first half of the season-defining game was not at the standard we expect either," Silvers said.

"We are also extremely proud of our players' effort, commitment and never-give-up attitude, which was again on show. The failure to video review the scoring attempt in question is inexplicable given the enormity of the moment, not just for that game but also what it meant for our finals chances and those of other teams in the competition. Having spoken to the AFL and with no further avenues to explore, we have no choice other than to turn our focus to the final home and away match of the season."

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