AFL icon gets poetic revenge on Bachelorette after infamous incident

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Pictured here, TV personality Georgia Love and former AFL player Dale Thomas.
Dale Thomas couldn't resist the chance to get one back on Georgia Love after an infamous 2019 incident. Pic: Instagram/Getty

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and for AFL icon Dale Thomas, it had been 18 months in the making.

The 250-game former Carlton AFL star seemingly has a long memory when it comes to TV personality Georgia Love and the role she played in his infamous standing down in May, 2019.

Thomas had been attending a charity event two days before an AFL game when he was busted for having too much to drink.

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The now 33-year-old told club officials at the time that he only had a couple of drinks, however, Love exposed the truth on social media.

The star of 2016's edition of reality show The Bachelorette - also at the charity function - took to social media to rat out the AFL player to his club.

“I was there and saw him. There’s no way he’d only had 3 drinks," she wrote on Twitter at the time.

Thomas was subsequently stood down by Carlton for the upcoming match and forced to apologise.

“I let my guard down at the event and this is not an excuse in any way, clearly I need to be better,” Thomas said.

It seems the ex-Blues player has never forgiven Love for the open betrayal on social media, so when the opportunity finally arose to exact some revenge, he took it.

TV personality trolled over social media post

Love recently took to social media to excitedly announce that her and fiancee Lee Elliot had just purchased a new home, as well as launching two new businesses.

“Because launching two businesses and planning two weddings during a global pandemic wasn’t stressful, interesting or financially draining enough, we thought, ’why not buy a house too?’.”

While making reference to the stress it's caused during a global pandemic, Love's post was seen by many as boastful and insensitive at a time when so many people are struggling around the country and the world.

The TV personality was subsequently targeted by trolls, incensed that she was being criticised for celebrating the fact she'd bought a house.

“Current situation: being trolled because I tried to celebrate buying a house. That’s enough internet for today.”

Seizing upon his opportunity, Thomas couldn't resist pointing out the irony of the situation to Love, in a brutal response that has set the social media alight.

“Being trolled for having a good time and enjoying your own life sucks aye! At least mine was for charity!!” He tweeted.

The AFL veteran's response - which has since had more than 1500 likes - prompted a curious response from Love, who questioned why he was still hung up on the original incident.

"That was calling out something that was being misreported in the news, there’s a fair difference between that and trolling," Love tweeted.

"You have also since come out yourself and said you had had more to drink than you’d originally said so I’m not sure why you’re still on me about this?"

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