Brian Taylor called out over 'unnecessary' jab at rival broadcaster

The former Collingwood legend's attempt to take the mickey out of a broadcast rival was not received well.

AFL commentator Brian Taylor.
AFL commentator Brian Taylor has been criticised after making fun of a rival broadcaster while on-air for Triple M. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Brian Taylor has found himself embroiled in a handful of AFL controversies in recent weeks, with the former Collingwood champion now being criticised after an on-air jab at rival broadcaster SEN. The former Collingwood champion was calling Monday's Anzac Day eve showdown between Melbourne and Richmond for Triple M when, at half-time, he opted to take the mickey out of the lone SEN caller left in the box while his colleagues were performing duties elsewhere.

Vision of Taylor's incredulous reaction to SEN commentator Adam White filming and broadcasting the station's AFL half-time show on his own from the commentary booth made its way to social media, before later being taken down. White had been commentating alongside Gerard Whateley and Nick Dal Santo when they stepped outside the booth to perform other duties at the game.

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“The box next door to us JB, just has one commentator and he’s taping himself,” Taylor said. “He’s on camera. He looks at himself every now and again.”

“He’s by himself in the box. I don’t know how he does the whole game. Who is it? Oh, it’s SEN.”

The post attracted criticism, including from SEN video producer Alex Patterson, who labelled it a 'petty' display. He went on to explain, according to the Herald Sun, that it was common practice for half-time shows to be conducted solo and filmed for later use on social media.

"Pretty petty this. We put a lot of hard work into our “taping”. Probably no need to comment on another broadcast," he wrote. “Essentially he was hosting the halftime show while the other callers record a video for the big screen, he was solo for like 10 minutes.

"Anyway, not sure why it needs to be highlighted. Our cameras are there to post highlights of the calls up on socials.”

Former SEN caller Benny Jones also stuck up for his former colleague, labelling Taylor's commentary 'unnecessary and pointless', as well as declaring the decision to post the clip of it on the Triple M Football page later on as a 'boys club' level move.

“This just seems incredibly petty, unnecessary and pointless," he wrote on Twitter. “Then the double down to tweet a video clip (irony) repeating it. Boys club stuff. Don’t get the point…and/or need for it?!”

Brian Taylor embroiled in various AFL commentary controversies

Taylor has found himself in the spotlight several times over the previous few weeks. The first came when fans called him out for seemingly favouring Collingwood with his commentary in a game where the Magpies were beaten handily by Brisbane a few weeks ago.

Fans were frustrated that, despite Brisbane leading by as much as five goals at various points, Taylor continually insisting that the Magpies were only ever one goal away from sparking a comeback. Many felt his commentary wasn't a reflection of what was actually transpiring on field.

Brian Taylor delivers a piece to camera.
Brian Taylor has been subject to criticism from fans several times in recent weeks. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

AFL reporter Mark McGowan was one to criticism Taylor online, and the situation descended further into farce a week later when Taylor's Channel 7 colleague Tom Browne bailed him up in the change-rooms after Carlton's clash with North Melbourne the following night. According to the Herald Sun, Browne called McGowan a “bogan” and “idiot” and asked him “who are you?”. McGowan reportedly called Browne, whose father Jeff is the president at Collingwood, a "fool'.

He also faced criticism after ambushing Sydney Swans star Isaac Heeney during a post-game segment in the club's rooms, in which Taylor attempted to get the 26-year-old to jump on the scales for the live audience.

There has also been uproar over Taylor's selection on the four-person panel to select the Anzac Medal winner following the traditional public holiday clash between Essendon and Collingwood. A former Collingwood player, some questioned if it was appropriate for Taylor to be casting a vote.

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