'No excuse': Adelaide Crows punished after virus controversy

Taylor Walker (pictured) during a commercial flight.
Taylor Walker (pictured) in footage allegedly showing the Adelaide Crows star not wearing a mask during a flight, which the club has now been fined over. (Image: Channel Nine)

The AFL has fined the Adelaide crows a whopping $50,000 after players were allegedly filmed not wearing masks on a flight.

Adelaide Crows originally asked the AFL to investigate after they were tipped off about players and staff not wearing masks properly on a recent flight.

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The AFL season is a week-to-week prospect amid the coronavirus lockdown in Melbourne, with clubs travelling interstate under particular scrutiny due to fears they may inadvertently spread the virus.

After facing the Richmond Tigers in Sydney, a fixture that was moved to accomodate the lockdown on Melbourne, the Crows flew back to Adelaide on Sunday.

The Crows were then alerted that some players and staff were allegedly not correctly wearing masks.

This prompted the Crows to reach out to the AFL and asked them to investigate.

Following an investigation, and footage emerging from Channel Nine, the Crows were fined $50,000.

AFL's General Counsel Andrew Dilon slammed the alleged Crows players and staff involved for not following the simple rules.

“First and foremost, we all have a very clear responsibility to ensure we do everything we can to best protect the health and well-being of our family, friends and everyone in the community,” he said.

“The rule here is clear and has been in place for some time and there is simply no excuse for not abiding by it.

“We will not compromise the health and well-being of the community, and remind everyone in the industry – players, coaches, officials and staff - that they have a responsibility to adhere to the rules for the safety of everyone.”

The Adelaide Crows accepted the punishment due to a "error in judgement".

“We are well aware of our responsibilities and the need to adhere to guidance and protocols put in place by the AFL and health authorities, Silvers said.

“We failed in this area and we would like to apologise to the other passengers on the plane.

“Our Club accepts the AFL’s penalty and from top to bottom owns this error in judgement.

AFL season chaos due to Victoria virus lockdown

Adelaide's players and staffers will enter a strict 48-hour quarantine period after playing Collingwood in Saturday's AFL match.

Crows players and officials will be barred from going anywhere but their homes and their club for two recovery sessions after hosting the Magpies at Adelaide Oval.

The restrictions have been imposed after the South Australian government granted Collingwood an exemption to play the fixture.

SA has closed its border to Victorians amid Melbourne's coronavirus outbreak.

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