Gary and Jordan Ablett in scary hospital ordeal with son Levi

Pictured right, three-year-old Levi Ablett in hospital after a recent family holiday.
Three-year-old Levi Ablett had to be rushed to hospital after a recent family holiday. Pic: Instagram

Jordan Ablett has revealed that her three-year-old son Levi is recovering well after being rushed to hospital shortly after a family holiday.

The wife of retired AFL great Gary Ablett Jr. said the couple's little boy was struck down with respiratory issues after they returned from a family getaway to the Gold Coast.

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Ablett and his wife Jordan revealed in 2020 that Levi had been diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease.

Levi's heartbreaking condition means he will likely never speak and has a short life expectancy.

Since making that heartbreaking revelation public, Jordan has frequently provided updates on Levi's around-the-clock medical care and frequent hospital visits.

Pictured here, Jordan and Gary Ablett in shots with their little boy Levi.
Jordan and Gary Ablett's little boy Levi has been diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease. Pic: Instagram

In a worrying new revelation on social media, she said Levi had to be rushed to hospital shortly after their return from holidays.

“Not the return we anticipated," she wrote on Instagram.

“Little man was taken to hospital yesterday morning after almost 3 weeks of struggling to fight something.

"Turns out his little body has been hit with TWO respiratory illnesses at the one time. He’s been resting up and is being cared for by amazing doctors.

"He had a great night sleep (not poor dad though) and is doing better. Our little champ!”

Jordan has previously spoken about how tough 2020 was after Levi's diagnosis and the death of her mother Trudy from lung cancer.

The Abletts have spoken openly about the family's many challenges, with Jordan often providing touching updates about Levi's experiences in hospital, since his diagnosis.

Jordan revealed how she and Gary were reluctant at first to share photos of Levi on social media but the couple have been overwhelmed by the number of inspirational messages of support.

Levi Ablett has spent much of his young life in hospital. Pic: Instagram
Levi Ablett has spent much of his young life in hospital. Pic: Instagram

The doting mum also posted a touching message about how much joy Levi brought to their lives, and how positive he remains in spite of the heartbreaking circumstances.

“He (Levi) is so precious and still just as smiley and determined as ever,” Jordan said.

“I truly love being his mother.

“We’re taking his health one day at a time and just really enjoying him and parenthood.

“Ultimately, our focus is family.

“Investing in one another and our little man is and always will be our number one priority.

“We don’t ever want to hide his light from the world but instead, we want to allow him to shine brightly in the hope that someone else’s life will (through him) become much brighter.”

2020 was 'really hard' on Ablett family

Jordan previously opened up in an interview on Channel Nine about how challenging 2020 was for the family.

She admitted that the death of her mother Trudy and Levi's condition had left her shattered and overwhelmed at times.

Jordan's mother died from lung cancer in August 2020, with Gary taking time off from AFL midway through that season to be with his family.

“It was really, really hard. Because the diagnosis came when mum was towards the end of her journey ... we just had a lot of things happen all at once,” Jordan said on Channel 9.

“So yeah, we are in this together and it is what it is. And yeah, we are just taking it day by day.”

Jordan said despite the tragic nature of Levi's degenerative health condition, he remains a happy boy, with a bubbly personality.

“He’s doing well. He does have his challenges that we as a family are facing on a day-to-day basis,” she said.

“But in saying that he’s so determined, and like you said, he’s just so smiley and has such a joy for life.”

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