'This is a travesty': AFL fans erupt over 'disgraceful' MCG move

AFL fans, pictured here watching the Essendon Bombers and Collingwood Magpies at the MCG in 2021.
Fans watch the Essendon Bombers and Collingwood Magpies in action at the MCG in 2021. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

AFL fans were left spitting chips (pardon the pun) over the weekend when it was revealed that food at the MCG will look very different for the 2022 season.

Celebrity chef Guy Grossi will open a new restaurant at the MCG, and the overall menu is set for a major revamp compared to past seasons.

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According to the Herald Sun, Grossi's new offering will turn the MCC committee room into a mini-Italian restaurant.

It will be used for President’s Club lunches and functions at the famous ground in the heart of Melbourne.

Patrons who aren't MCC members will be able to dine at “The Committee Room by Guy Grossi” during the week, and it will also reportedly be open on days when the ground isn't hosting the footy.

However the overall feel of the culinary options at the MCG will also change.

While sporting ground staples like pies and chips will remain, fan favourite chains Red Rooster and Crust will be no more.

They will be replaced by Royal Stacks burgers and Gami Chicken in a move that has caused some uproar.

Guy Grossi, pictured here in the kitchen of the Merchant Restaurant in Melbourne.
Guy Grossi will open a restaurant at the MCG for the 2022 AFL season. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Nic Negrepontis of SEN radio tweeted: “No Red Rooster at the MCG anymore. Disgrace.

"Nobody wants $70 gourmet meals at the footy. They want $70 chicken and chips.”

Sports broadcaster Adam White wrote: "I thought they wanted to get the crowds back to the MCG, not have more stay away!

“They’ll replace it with trendy inedible food to cater for the minority I’m sure.

"A sad state of affairs. Keep it simple, please …”

Some fans in favour of new menu at MCG

However many are in favour of the 'trendier' options.

“Everyone getting mad about the MCG getting better food is out of line," wrote journalist Lav Baj.

“I went to AAMI Park the other day and they were serving cannolis during the football and honestly that’s living the dream, if you ask me.”

The Junktime AFL account wrote: “The AFL cruelly shutting down the last remaining store in Australia where you could buy chicken and chips.”

While Vince Rugari tweeted: “For years people have complained about the absolute cr*p food being offered at Australian sports venues.

“Now they actually do something about it and you people are literally crying. Godless country.”

The AFL season begins on March 17 with Carlton hosting Richmond at Marvel Stadium.

Fans will get their first taste of the new menu at the MCG on March 20 when North Melbourne takes on Hawthorn.

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