Gary and Jordan Ablett rocked by fresh health scare for son

Pictured here, Gary Ablett with his son Levi who is attended to by hospital staff on the right.
A recent scare left Gary and Jordan Ablett's son Levi in the hospital emergency ward. Pic: Instagram

The wife of AFL legend Gary Ablett Jr has revealed a recent "scare" that left their two-year-old son Levi in the emergency ward at hospital.

Jordan Ablett and her husband endured a particularly rough 2020, with the tragic passing of Jordan's mother Trudy compounded by news that the couple's baby boy Levi is battling a rare degenerative condition.

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Jordan has spoken openly about the family's year from hell in 2020, often providing touching updates about Levi's experiences in hospital, since his diagnosis last July.

However, she said an unexpected recent incident saw Levi whisked to the hospital's emergency department.

"We did recently have a scare which saw us spontaneously in emergency, but thankfully he is back home with us and overall his health is stable at this point," she told the Herald Sun.

"He is very happy which makes us happy."

Levi Ablett is seen here during a couple of his regular trips to the hospital.
Levi Ablett has spent much of his young life in hospital. Pic: Instagram

The nature of Levi's rare degenerative condition means multiple trips to the hospital every month for the family.

"Levi has many specialists overseeing him which means there are lots of appointments for us to attend," Jordan explained.

"Levi has a team of specialists surrounding him who together closely monitor him and his health."

Jordan recently shared previously unseen photos of Levi at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, alongside a message about her involvement with their Good Friday appeal.

Jordan Ablett praises Levi's medical care

"I’m so honoured to be working with the Good Friday Appeal as an Ambassador in their momentous 90th year of giving for the kids," Jordan wrote on Instagram.

"My family and I have experienced first hand how important the @goodfridayappeal is to ensuring @rchmelbourne can continue to provide world class care to our beautiful children.

"Having seen Levi be cared for and loved on by such incredible doctors, nurses and hospital staff, this Appeal holds an extra special place in my heart."

Jordan revealed how she and Gary were reluctant at first to share photos of Levi on social media but the couple have been overwhelmed by the number of inspirational messages of support.

The doting mum also posted a touching message about how much joy Levi brought to their lives, and how positive he remains in spite of the heartbreaking circumstances.

“He (Levi) is so precious and still just as smiley and determined as ever,” Jordan said.

“I truly love being his mother.

“We’re taking his health one day at a time and just really enjoying him and parenthood.

“Ultimately, our focus is family.

“Investing in one another and our little man is and always will be our number one priority.

“We don’t ever want to hide his light from the world but instead, we want to allow him to shine brightly in the hope that someone else’s life will (through him) become much brighter.”

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