Brooke Cotchin cops disgusting backlash over photo of sick daughter

Brooke and Trent Cotchin, pictured here at the Brownlow Medal.
Brooke and Trent Cotchin's young daughter is in hospital. Image: Getty/Instagram

Brooke Cotchin has revealed the disgusting abuse she received after posting a photo of her sick daughter on social media on Wednesday, as well as the sad reason she told husband Trent not to fly home to be with them.

One of Brooke and Trent's three daughters was hospitalised on Wednesday, with Richmond confirming their skipper was “monitoring a personal matter at home in Victoria”.

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Trent was forced to make the tough decision over whether to stay with his team - currently in Sydney before flying to Perth this weekend - or return home to Melbourne.

On Thursday, Richmond confirmed Cotchin is set to travel to Perth for the Tigers' clash with Essendon, rather than make an early return to Victoria.

On Wednesday, wife Brooke revealed that it was her sick daughter's wish that Trent stay with his team and play on Saturday night.

In a sickening twist, Brooke also exposed an awful message she received from an online troll after posting a photo of her daughter in hospital.

“Stop being so selfish..." the message from a man named 'Tony' read.

"Everyone has been impacted with the lockdown... and certainly many worse off than you...

"Trent has done more than enough providing everything for your family."

The man also labeled her “high maintenance” and told her to “grow up”.

Disgusting online abuse after Brooke Cotchin's post

Brooke later revealed that she wanted her husband to stay with his teammates in fear of the backlash she'd receive if he flew home.

“Tony. Here is the answer to why I posted on social media... because I was scared that people would see my other two children with our family who are caring for them whilst I am by my very ill daughter’ side in hospital,” she wrote.

“I posted it because I was worried people would accuse me of not living by covid lockdown rules because my husband is away and it is impossible for me to do it on my own.

“I am doing my very best just like everyone else is right now.

“Trent’s ill daughter is probably the only reason why he is still there. She is the one telling him that she wants him to play on Saturday night.

“I have begged my husband not to come home not because I don’t need him right now but because I would be scared of the abuse I would have to deal with (from online trolls).

“I want him to do what is best for the Richmond Football Club and his teammates and I know that is not coming home right now.”

Brooke Cotchin, pictured here with her young daughters.
The disgusting message Brooke Cotchin received online. Image: Getty/Twitter

On Thursday, Tigers coach Damien Hardwick said Cotchin planned to stay with the team and travel for Saturday's game unless the situation changed.

"At this stage, he will (make the trip to Perth)," Hardwick told reporters.

"Obviously Trent's spoken to Brooke and 'Kenz' (daughter Mackenzie) as well and look at the moment, relatively stable. So from that point of view, he'll stay but that can change.

"Once again, from our point of view as a club, family will always come first and Brooke's adamant that she wants him to stay (with the team) and Trent'll make that decision if the condition changes.

"But from our point of view, he'll be on the plane come tomorrow."

Hardwick said Cotchin had continued to lead the Tigers with aplomb, despite his personal situation.

"Knowing Trent as well as I do, he'd be hurting inside - there's no doubt. No one likes to have a sick child, especially when you feel so far away from home," Hardwick said.

"But Trent is very, very good at making sure everyone around him is okay. He's such a selfless person and (it's) what makes him a great captain and a great leader of our football club.

"Look, he's doing a little bit tough at the moment but he's continued to lead the club as we always know he would.

"So he's very strong in his leadership, very vocal in his communication and we expect that (to) continue until something changes."

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