Ugly new twist in AFL star's 'disgraceful' $4.5 million split

Adam Treloar, pictured here with his wife and baby at Whitten Oval.
Adam Treloar with his wife and baby at Whitten Oval. Image: Kim Ravaillion/Instagram

Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs are reportedly at odds over how much of Adam Treloar’s salary each club should pay.

Treloar became a Western Bulldogs player right on the deadline of the AFL trade period after a messy split with Collingwood.

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The Magpies admitted the decision of Treloar’s wife - netball star Kim Ravaillion - to sign with the Queensland Firebirds for the 2021 season sparked their push to try and trade Treloar, even though he said he wanted to stay.

Weeks of speculation and ugly back-and-forth culminated in Treloar’s move to Whitten Oval, leaving Collingwood fans seething.

But if fans thought the saga was over, they thought wrong.

AFL journalist Damian Barrett is reporting that Collingwood is unwilling to pay as much of Treloar’s salary as originally speculated.

The 27-year-old had five years and $4.5m remaining on his contract with Collingwood when he was traded.

Sam Edmund of SEN originally reported the Pies would pay Treloar $300,000 every season for the remaining five years.

But Barrett claims the clubs are “as far apart as $200,000 a year on at least one season”.

“The Magpies are playing hard-ball on the amount to which they will commit, and are taking the view that this is not their problem,” Barrett wrote on Wednesday.

Adam Treloar, pictured here during a Western Bulldogs media opportunity at Whitten Oval.
Adam Treloar speaks to the media during a Western Bulldogs media opportunity at Whitten Oval. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

Adam Treloar unwanted at Collingwood

After his trade Treloar confirmed Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley told him senior Magpies players no longer wanted him at the club.

In a meeting with Buckley, the Magpies mentor expressed concern some players had with Treloar and they believed it was in his best interests to leave.

“That was told to me in no uncertain way,” Treloar told reporters.

“That did hurt because I know how close I am with the players; to be told that when I don't think that's the truth (hurts).

“To be told there's some players who don't want you there when I know that the majority of players love and care for me.

“They were adamant on moving me on so no matter how they were going to go about it, it was going to happen.

“It was a fight up until the end because that's where I wanted to be at Collingwood.

“I guess anything was going to be said to move me on.

“There's not been one player that has come to me and said 'yeah, I was apart of moving you on.”

Treloar was one of four Magpies to be traded out as the club attempts to rectify woes with its salary cap.

Despite his acrimonious exit, Treloar said he holds no grudges towards Buckley or anyone at the club where he played 94 games after arriving in 2016 from Greater Western Sydney.

However Ravaillion doesn’t seem so forgiving.

“I think it could have been handled a lot better,” Ravaillion told the Herald Sun.

“Ads absolutely loved playing for Collingwood and he loves all his teammates and he had nothing bad to say about them.

“I wish he was a bit more well respected in what he gave to the club and him as a person, I think he was treated pretty poorly.

“But in saying that, he’s now at a club that will now treat him with that respect.”

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