Tony Jones issues stunning threat over Bec Judd kiss fail

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor
Tony Jones was flatly rejected after trying to kiss Bec Judd. Image: Channel Nine

Tony Jones has threatened to walk off set if cringeworthy footage of his awkward kiss fail with Bec Judd is ever shown on-air again.

The veteran AFL and Channel Nine presenter looks unlikely to ever live down the horror moment in 2016 when he tried to kiss Judd on the cheek and was flat-out rejected.

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Working together on Nine News in Melbourne, Jones tried to wish his colleague well after her final shift before heading off on maternity leave.

During a live TV farewell at the end of the bulletin the sports reporter leant in to kiss Judd on the cheek, but the weather presenter recoiled away awkwardly.

The footage is replayed over and over again to Jones’ embarrassment, and he’s finally seen enough.

On 3AW radio with Neil Mitchell on Monday, Jones said he’d walk off set if he ever saw the clip played on Channel Nine again.

“Neil, can I put this on the public record, your show is the most listened to radio show in Melbourne right, but I will say, if I see that played one more time at Channel 9 I will walk off the set,” he said.

“I do not want to see that kiss again.”

Mitchell responded by pleading with Nine newsreader Peter Hitchener to “please find a reason to play it tonight and see if he walks off”.

If the 2016 incident wasn’t bad enough, it came three years after Judd had also rejected Jones on air when he jokingly asked if she’d like to come over for a barbecue on the weekend.

Chris and Rebecca Judd at Derby Day in 2018. (Photo by Chris Putnam / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Tony Jones claims awkward moment not his fault

Jones tried to explain what really happened on the Sunday Footy Show earlier this year.

“I’ve put up with that crap for years, and it’s not my fault!” Jones said.

“Our news director, Hugh Nailon, here at Channel 9 at Melbourne. He didn’t organise the flowers. I was supposed to present Bec the flowers.

“And when we realised he’d forgotten to organise the flowers, I said, well I’m going home.

“And then I think John Murphy was the floor manager, he sort of said, you’re gonna stay here, you’ll stay here and play happy families.

“Well that was a real happy family, wasn’t it? So it wasn’t my fault.”

Co-host Billy Brownless continued to poke fun at Jones, asking why he thought it was a good idea to go in for the kiss.

“To wish her luck!” Jones said, before Brownless retorted: “Not with those teeth, mate.”