'Never got caught': Hawthorn heroes lift the lid on decade-long deceit

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor
Jarryd Roughead and Jordan Lewis celebrate the 2013 premiership for Hawthorn. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Jarryd Roughead and Jordan Lewis have lifted the lid on a cheeky decades-long trick they used to beat the infamous ‘skin-fold test’ at Hawthorn.

Roughead and Lewis spent 11 years together at the Hawks after they both made their debuts in 2005.

The dynamic duo helped Hawthorn win four flags during that time before Lewis departed for the Demons in 2017.

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Both players are retired now, which might explain why they felt the time was right to reveal how they fudged the numbers for years when being tested by Hawthorn officials.

Speaking on Fox Footy’s The Golden Years podcast, Roughead and Lewis admitted helping each other cheat the dreaded skin-fold - a measure of the percentage of players’ body fat.

“Roughy and I had a great relationship when it came to skin-folds,” Lewis said.

“There was always a process that would happen. You’d get in a room and there would be five or six guys.

“It was too loud so the dietitian would say ‘two or three people maximum in the room.’ Roughy and I would go in together, especially after the off-season break.

“He would have an idea where I sat with my skin-folds and I would have an idea where he sat. And we’d scribe for each other.

“The process was the dietitian would be there measuring your skin-folds and I would be there scribing.

“So when she said ’13.5 on the stomach’ … (I’d write down) nine. We did that for the best part of 10 years. We never got caught!”

Roughead said he recruited other Hawthorn players to help him out after Lewis was traded to Melbourne.

“We put our system through enough players so they knew exactly what was going on,” Roughead said.

“Nobody ever knew until now.”

Jordan Lewis and Jarryd Roughead speak to the media in 2012. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

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