'Not based in fact': David Koch fires back at Eddie McGuire

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor
David Koch has fired back at Eddie McGuire. Image: Getty

David Koch has accused Eddie McGuire of “trying to re-write history” in the latest instalment of their ugly war-of-words.

McGuire labelled Koch ‘disingenuous’ over his comments about Port Adelaide wearing their controversial ‘prison bar’ guernsey in the future.

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McGuire also said Koch ‘doesn’t have the guts’ to tell Port supporters it won’t be happening.

The nasty spat erupted after Koch expressed his desire for Port to wear the black and white guernsey in future Showdowns, however McGuire doesn’t like it because of the similarities to the Collingwood strip.

“I love Eddie’s passion for his club and that’s great and that’s to be respected,” Koch told 7News.

“Some of his arguments though are not based in fact, he’s saying ‘there can only be one Magpies in the competition’.

“Of course there can only be one Magpies, we’re not talking about Magpies or using a Magpie emblem like we do in our SANFL team, it’s just using the prison bar, so that’s fact number one.”

Koch also refuted McGuire’s claims that he’s always accommodated Port’s requests to wear the guernsey, including in the 2014 elimination final against Richmond.

“That isn’t the case, we were denied wearing our prison bar in heritage rounds in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and that was the reason for the 2007 agreement to use it,” Koch aded.

“Also that Collingwood allowed us to wear the prison bar in the 2014 elimination final at Adelaide Oval is also wrong, because even though it was our home final, the AFL told us Richmond didn’t have an away guernsey and wanted us to play in our away guernsey.

“So let’s not rewrite history, let’s let the AFL decide and we think we’ve got a case to make.”

Eddie McGuire and David Koch at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2014. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Koch also told the ABC he didn’t think he was being unreasonable.

“What we are asking for is not unreasonable and any fair-minded person would understand that," Koch said.

“We are simply asking the AFL to approve Port Adelaide to wear our iconic guernsey in South Australia against our local rivals, the Adelaide Crows.

“We aren't asking to wear it every week, or every home game, or against Collingwood.”

McGuire slams Koch on live TV

Speaking on Footy Classified on Wednesday night, McGuire said Koch’s comments were ‘disingenuous’ and ‘gutless’ because there is no chance his request will be granted.

“My point is this - there are major things when you have an identity and it’s your trademark. Collingwood’s is the magpie and black and white,” McGuire said.

“David doesn’t have the guts to tell his supporters that it’s finished. David, to his credit, has always been a strong supporter of the magpie. You’re not, and you can’t, wear it again.

“We have handshake agreements, we have contracts, we have trademark agreements, the AFL own the trademark.

Port Adelaide wore the 'prison bar' guernsey in 2014. Image: Getty

“What annoys me, and I think David is being so disingenuous to his own supporters, is he goes on South Australian radio or TV and he fizzes them up.

“The magpie is (the) Collingwood Magpie, and that’s that.”

The Collingwood boss even suggested he would take Port to court over the fiasco.

“If the AFL Commission doesn’t do what it’s there for, ie protect its clubs and its trademarks, then they’re really going to get into (trouble),” McGuire said.

“The bottom line is, they’re a great club, enjoy it. David, why bring this up the week before we’re all going to get back?

“Any time you’ve asked on a special occasion we’ve always said yes.

“Kochie, c'mon. You made a goose of yourself with Mick Malthouse, don't make it twice.”