AFL great blames Cats coach's 'horrendous mistake' for finals loss

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

AFL great David King has directed blame for Geelong’s finals loss to Collingwood on Friday night squarely at Cats coach Chris Scott.

The Cats made a late change ahead of their qualifying final against the Magpies, dropping ruckman Rhys Stanley in favour of midfielder Sam Menegola.

Scott made the late change because it looked like there would be rain in Melbourne throughout the match at the MCG.

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But the heavens never opened, and Collingwood ruckman Brodie Grundy proceeded to dominate the undersized Mark Blicavs at contests around the ground.

While the Cats had issues outside the ruck as well, King was unequivocal in pointing the finger at Scott for the loss.

Cats head coach Chris Scott's decision to drop ruckman Rhys Stanley at the last minute has been slammed by AFL great David King. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

“This game was lost by Chris Scott,” King said on SEN’s Crunch Time on Saturday morning.

“I think when he wakes up today, he’ll think he made a horrendous mistake.

“I think Chris wants to be the reason they win. I think you’ve got to trust your players and set up the systems and endorse the program in totality and say you guys are going to be the reason we win.

“You don’t have to win every game from the coaches box.”

Clashing jumpers leaves fans, players puzzled

AFL fans were left perplexed after Geelong and Collingwood wore similar colours on their jerseys, which made viewing on TV and at the stadium difficult.

Fans took to social media to ask why teams did not use a ‘clash jumper’ to avoid the horrible viewing from a distance for the final’s game.

Channel 7 commentators Brian Taylor and Bruce McAvaney raised the issue on air while viewing the match at the MCG.

Brisbane Lions’ Alex Witherden also took to social media to lead the chorus of confusion to why the issue wasn’t addressed before such an important match.

Fox Sports reporter Daniel Garb echoed the sentiment that the simple solution to a jumper clash should have been dealt with by the AFL before the game.