Calls for Alan Jones to quit over 'disgraceful' Adam Goodes comments

Peter FitzSimons has called on Alan Jones to be removed from the SCG Trust over his comments about Adam Goodes.

The treatment the Sydney Swans legend endured at the end of his career has been thrust back into the spotlight with the release of a new documentary - ‘The Final Quarter’.

Made up entirely of archival footage from the period between 2013 - 2015 in which Goodes was senselessly booed during games, the documentary features a number of comments from Jones.

MAKE IT RIGHT: Fans launch petition to honour Goodes at Grand Final

Jones was one of a number of media commentators who believed the booing was not racially motivated, but simply occurred because fans didn’t like Goodes as a person.

“They just don’t like the fellow,” Jones told Channel 7 at the time.

Alan Jones condemned Adam Goodes at the height of the controversy. Image: Getty/Channel 7
Alan Jones condemned Adam Goodes at the time. Image: Getty/Channel 7

“Someone’s got to ask the question: why are they booing Adam Goodes and not the other 70 indigenous AFL players.

“Adam Goodes can fix this by changing his behaviour. He again today plays the victim.”

The booing started around the time Goodes called out a 13-year-old Collingwood fan for calling him an ‘ape’ during a game, and was re-ignited two years later when he performed an Aboriginal war dance towards Carlton fans during Indigenous round in 2015.

After the racial slur from the 13-year-old, Jones said she wouldn’t have known what she was saying and claimed he didn’t even know ‘ape’ was a racist term.

FitzSimons, who has had a number of battles with Jones in the past, has now hit out at his rival after watching the doco.

Peter FitzSimons has called on Alan Jones to stand down from the SCG Trust. (Photo credit should read GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)
Peter FitzSimons has called on Alan Jones to stand down. (Photo credit should read GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

“Where the hell was the SCG Trust on this? How could the Trust have as one of its stated values: ‘We embrace diversity, value differences and respect our communities’ and have its most influential member, Alan Jones, lead the bully-boy attacks on Adam Goodes, its most prestigious ambassador?” Fitzsimons wrote in his weekly newspaper column for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“As you all saw on Thursday night, there was Jones encouraging the mob … There are so many disgraces in the whole dreadful affair, but that one was right up there.

“Bravo to you, Swans chairman Richard Colless for calling Jones out on it at the time. But Jones’ continued presence on the SCG Trust corrupts its integrity.”

And FitzSimons isn’t the only one angry about how Jones seemed to fuel the hate for Goodes, with fans flocking to social media to slam him.

Fans launch petition to right Goodes wrong

A petition calling on the AFL to honour Goodes at this year's grand final has received the backing of thousands of supporters.

The Sydney Swans legend retired in 2015 but was not part of the traditional parade of players to be farewelled at that year's grand final.

The documentary has sparked a heated national debate about racism and the hatred many professional Indigenous athletes still face in Australia.

It has also sparked calls for the AFL to address the sad reality of Goodes' absence from the 2015 grand final parade, with thousands of people signing a petition calling on the AFL to invite the Swans legend to partake in this year's parade.

At the time of writing more than 13,000 had signed the petition, closing in on the 15,000 target rapidly.