While most watch the Super Bowl for the on-field action, the advertising breaks can sometimes steal the show. We take a look at the cream of this year's crop.


It's emotional, it's heart-warming, and there's one hell of a funny twist at the end. Great stuff from one of America's leading beer companies.


Fancy a few wishes with your new Toyota? What about a demented genie that takes the concept very literally? Funny stuff from the global car manufacturer.


Hyundai mix cuteness and toughness in a short story about a spurned football player keen to take on the local bully.


It's an ad from Axe (known locally as Lynx) so you know there's going to be lots of skin and lots of laughs.


There was a possibility that this ad was going to be banned because it was claimed to be racist. We don't see it. It's just funny. Watch and enjoy.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut give a nod to American Football players everywhere with this great compilation of huddles.


The Pepsi party is THE party you want to be at. Some great moments in the background of this clever ad.


Funniest ad of the Super Bowl collection, some superstar actors in here and a lot of good comedy.

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