9 Ways To Make Your 'Christmas Bubble' As Safe As Possible

Natasha Hinde
·2-min read

People have been given the green light to see their families over the festive period, but many will still be wondering what to do.

Do you stick to what you planned and stay home anyway, or do you make a decision to see the family members you haven’t seen in a year?

The new rules specify that people can form an exclusive bubble made up of people from three households between December 23 and 27. They can meet in homes and gardens, as well as places of worship and outdoor public spaces.

Experts are concerned that allowing people to mix at Christmas could fuel a third wave in January, however some believe if the mixing is done properly and safely, it will be fine – and is better than people being told they can’t do it, then meeting loads of people in an act of defiance.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what you do over the break. But if you do plan on meeting up with loved ones, we’ve asked experts for their top tips on keeping everyone safe.


1. Self-isolate before you meet up

This option isn’t suitable for everyone, but it’s a biggie. If you’re able to self-isolate for two weeks before seeing loved ones over Christmas (and they do the same), you are reducing the risk of passing on the virus – and vice versa.

Professor Lucy Yardley, an expert in health psychology at University of Bristol and the University of Southampton, tells HuffPost UK: “That’s a great strategy, for the people that can do that – and then you can both feel really safe.”

Dr Claire Steves, honorary consultant geriatrician from King’s College London, advises paying close attention to what all bubble members can do to reduce their risk of being infected in the week before getting together.

“That means doing shopping online or before-hand and interacting as little as possible especially in the week...

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