7th Tackle Awards: Harshest hangover

Winner: Damian Keogh

You’re the chairman of a club that has been busted for banned drugs not so long ago. That has just released a star player for returning not one but two positive tests to cocaine.


So what do you do? Get spotted by the cops with a bag of white powder yourself in one of Sydney’s seediest pubs. You get charged with possession and drag the premiers into fresh disrepute.

Do you resign immediately? Of course not! An impromptu TV interview on the side of the road behind dark sunnies is a much better PR option. Congratulations, Damian.

Dark days call for dark shades. Pic: 7 News

Honourable mention: Michael Maguire

Everyone could see Greg Inglis was lamer than the final series of Big Brother. Even Tigers players refused to tackle him too hard. But this is rugby league, remember? The toughest game of all.

Apparently Inglis wanted to continue with a torn ACL that reduced him to an undignified passenger. He needed to be told 'no’. He wasn’t and the resulting scene was unedifying for all.

At least coach Michael Maguire was man enough to admit that he got it wrong. But the Rabbitohs never recovered – and nor did he.