2024 NFL Draft grades: Cincinnati Bengals walk away with immediate impact, especially along the lines

The Bengals should be happy with how they played the first two days of the draft. Amarius Mims has the ability to be a decade-long starter at either tackle spot — if he can stay on the field. Kris Jenkins is a quality body on the defensive line and Jermaine Burton is an explosive playmaker who gives the Bengals flexibility at wide receiver. McKinnley Jackson might have been a reach to close the third round but the Bengals walked away with immediate impact and long-term potential at key spots.

Mims did not play a ton of football in college, but man, was he good when he was on the field. He has everything you want in a starting tackle from size, wingspan, athleticism and technique. Availability is going to be the only thing that can stop him from being a bulldozer up front for the Bengals. This was a foundational pick for the Bengals, shoring up their offensive line with a player who has elite upside.

The Bengals needed to add depth to the interior of their defense, but they could’ve squeezed more out of this pick. Jackson isn’t the most explosive guy. At the very least he’s steady and will help the Bengals stay fresh up front. He’ll probably be only a run-down player, which felt a bit rich for this point in the draft.

Round 1, Pick 18: Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia
Round 2, Pick 49: Kris Jenkins, DL, Michigan
Round 3, Pick 80: Jermaine Burton, WR, Alabama
Round 3, Pick 97: McKinnley Jackson, DL, Texas A&M
Round 4, Pick 115: Erick All, TE, Iowa
Round 5, Pick 149: Josh Newton, CB, TCU
Round 6, Pick 194: Tanner McLachlan, TE, Arizona
Round 6, Pick 214: Cedric Johnson, Edge, Ole Miss
Round 7, Pick 224: Daijahn Anthony, S, Ole Miss
Round 7, Pick 237: Matt Lee, OL, Miami