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Divisional Round Preview: Cowboys are underrated, Jags look like the 2021 Bengals & America’s teaser picks

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Matt Harmon, Scott Pianowski and Frank Schwab go over all four of the NFL playoff games coming up this weekend and preview each one in great detail, including where they would put their own money if they were betting on them.

Frank is reminded of the 2021 Cincinnati Bengals that went to the Super Bowl when he looks at the 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars, and he wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset in Kansas City.

Scott is worried about Jalen Hurts, who hasn’t played a great game in about a month, and wonders if the Giants can find a way to slow that Eagles offense down.

Matt is begging Josh Allen to calm down and stop making stupid mistakes. He could get away with it against the Dolphins, but it’ll be a very different challenge against the defending AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals.

Finally, the guys agree that the Dallas Cowboys are underrated and could win the Super Bowl this year. They face what might be their toughest challenge this week, in San Francisco against the 49ers.

02:55 Jaguars at Chiefs

20:55 Giants at Eagles

35:00 Bengals at Bills

50:15 Cowboys at 49ers

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