GPS blunder sends volleyball players 100km away from match


Two Grenada beach volleyball players were driven 100 kilometres to the wrong city because the driver made a mistake with his GPS, Commonwealth Games officials said on Saturday.

The bus driver punched the wrong information into his navigation system and mistakenly drove Thornia Williams and Ranisha Stafford from Gold Coast to Brisbane.

The players ended up at the Anna Meares Velodrome before they were rushed under police escort to the correct stadium in Coolangatta, about 100 kilometres south.

Williams and Stafford in action. Image: Getty

Despite their extended trip Williams and Stafford made it to their game on time -- but then lost 2-0 to Scotland's Lynne Beattie and Melissa Coutts.

"It's not acceptable," said organising committee chief executive Mark Peters.

"We are now ensuring that we have two people on the buses -- the driver and someone else to make sure that directionally, that doesn't happen again."