17 Powdered Drink Mix Brands, Ranked From Worst To Best

assorted powdered drink packages
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Powdered drink mixes are a marvel of both modern convenience and flavor engineering. They are a great way to flavor water on the go, giving travelers and people on the go an exceptionally handy way of never being without a quick boost of taste. In an age where quick and easy is the mantra, these mixes simply and effortlessly infuse everyday water with a plethora of flavor options, transforming the mundane into something exhilarating with just a stir.

While some brands cater to the collective in pitcher-sized offerings, many have tuned into the rhythm of individualism, providing single-serve tearaway powder sticks tailored for on-the-go lifestyles. The marketplace is awash with choices, and navigating this sea of vibrant packages can be both exciting and overwhelming.

To simplify the quest for the perfect sip, we've analyzed some of the most popular options. Using consistent evaluation criteria (flavor intensity, visual appeal, ease of mixing, variety of flavors), we've separated the thirst-quenchers from the sip-spoilers. Innovative and classic flavors ultimately rule the roost; below, the best powdered drink mixes.

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Salud drink mixes
Salud drink mixes - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Salud's powdered drink mixes capture attention with a potent flavor and distinctive packaging. But although they get points for being bold and distinctive, a more genuine fruit essence would elevate the experience, as the current flavor hints at chemical undertones.

In terms of texture, Salud provides a slightly thicker consistency than most, which adds to the drink's substantial feel. This richness is balanced by its visually vibrant color, making for a refreshing, enticing beverage. One of the standout features of Salud is how easily it mixes; the powder blends seamlessly with water, showing minimal clumping when shaken or shirred for preparation.

The brand's vast array of flavors, each offering unique health benefits, adds to the appeal of this drink brand. While we appreciate these positives, we felt there was room for refining the powdered drink's fruit authenticity; the chemical taste of the drink also needs some addressing.


Crust powdered drink mixes
Crust powdered drink mixes - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

A brand synonymous with robust, sugary fruity soda flavors, Crush has a line of powdered drink mixes that surprisingly leans towards the lighter side. Considering the depth of Crush sodas, however, the subtle flavor of the powdered drink leaves one yearning for more flavor; there's also obviously no carbonation factor, leaving it tasting a bit like a flat soda.

While the flavor might have been understated, the colors were anything but. Their vibrancy bordered on excessive, which can be slightly off-putting. On the brighter side, Crush mixes well, allowing for a clump-free beverage preparation. As for the range of flavors offered, there was no lack of variety, which initially seemed promising. However, the assortment also came across as slightly underwhelming, and there was certainly potential for more depth, like you'll find in the fruity flavor profiles in Crush's soda.


Dole drink mixes
Dole drink mixes - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

With Dole's drinks, there is a certain flavor accuracy, and this powder doesn't quite hit the mark in capturing the authentic essence of the fruit they are aiming to represent. The strawberry and pineapple, for instance, felt more like an imitation of themselves, a representation of flavors rather than a true reflection. That said, the inclusion of 100% daily value of vitamin C is a commendable aspect.

The drink's appearance diverged from expectations, too. Instead of a vibrant, fruity hue, Dole's mix resulted in a somewhat murky, clear liquid. This clarity, while unique, wasn't visually appealing. As for the mixing process, it presented some challenges. Despite vigorous shaking, some stubborn clumps persisted at the bottom of the cup.

The flavor variety was a bit of a mixed bag. Strawberry-Pineapple was solid, but beyond that and Tropical Splash, the selection is limited.


Stur powdered drinks
Stur powdered drinks - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Stur's powdered drink mixes offer a subtle flavor reminiscent of adding a simple slice of lemon to water. The lightness of the flavoring adds just a hint of sweetness, ensuring the taste isn't too overpowering or dominant. It's a refreshing change for those who prefer a mild but tasty enhancement.

Visually, the powdered drink doesn't bring much color to the table. Rather than adding a vibrant hue, the mix renders the water slightly murky and doesn't add appeal. Regarding mixability, initial attempts left a bit to be desired. A few lingering clumps remained, even after some vigorous stirring. Fortunately, with a little patience, these remnants dissolved more uniformly over time.

When exploring the flavor range, Stur's powdered offerings are somewhat limited to Lemon-Lime and Fruit Punch. However, it's worth noting that the liquid counterparts provide a broader spectrum of flavors, so if you're hoping for something different, consider that application instead.

Peak H2O Hydrate

Peak H2O Hydrate
Peak H2O Hydrate - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Diving into electrolyte rehydration with Peak H2O, it's hard to not draw parallels with familiar electrolyte drinks. The flavor lands comfortably in that domain, delivering a zesty, well-traveled taste. What truly catches one's eye, however, is the vivacity of its color. The brightness is so intense that your initial pour might just catch you off guard, offering a bright neon hue.

It seems the lessons from their sibling brand, Stur, have been noted, especially regarding drink preparation. Peak H2O Hydrate blends into water with a slightly more refined grace, leaving behind fewer of those undissolved powder bits. This enhancement in mixability is a welcomed touch.

While the flavor selection might seem a tad limited, each option is distinct and appealing. From the classic Lemon Lime blend to more adventurous choices like Blackberry Grape and Berry Blue, there's enough variety to pique the interest of people who live an active lifestyle.


Tang powdered drink
Tang powdered drink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Tang, a drink invented by a chemist, has long been associated with its vibrant orange allure. When it comes to flavor, however, there's an unexpected subtlety. Given the quantity of powder required for a mere 12 ounce serving, one might anticipate a powerful burst of orange. Yet, the reality is a somewhat muted citrus experience that leaves you longing for more depth.

Visually, Tang certainly leaves a lasting impression. Its strikingly bright orange hue suggests a beverage of greater substance, almost hinting at a thickness. But once tasted, it's clear that its appearance is merely a facade, as the drink retains a regular liquid consistency.

In the realm of mixability, Tang presents no challenges. It dissolves smoothly into water, providing a hassle-free preparation. As for the flavor range, while orange is the poster child, Tang does boast a selection of other tastes. The only hitch? They're elusive and often difficult to find widely at grocery stores.


Gatorade drink tub
Gatorade drink tub - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Gatorade, a name synonymous with sports drink and rehydration, presents a slightly different taste in its powdered form. The flavor, though recognizable, feels like a softer echo of its bottled counterpart options. While it lacks the intensity some might expect, it doesn't falter in delivering a pleasant taste.

Gatorade's powdered drinks adopt a consistent aesthetic in appearance with a translucent hue that mirrors the flavor being served. This coloring gives a refreshing look to the drink, subtle yet inviting, and Gatorade's powdered version is commendably user-friendly to prepare. When you purchase a large container, you'll also receive a scooper to ensure the right amount each time.

When it comes to Gatorade flavors, the selection is pared down in the powdered format. While the brand boasts an impressive spectrum in its ready-to-drink offerings, the powdered selection is more limited in flavor offerings.


7 Up drink mix
7 Up drink mix - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Want the essence of 7UP, stripped of its signature fizziness? Look no further. This powdered beverage delivers a gentle sweetness with that familiar citrus undertone, akin to a calm, still rendition of the classic soda. It's also similar in appearance with a clear, refreshing appearance; the cherry variant delivers a delicate blush of pink, a gentle nod to its fruity addition.

As for preparation, the powder melds seamlessly with water, promising a lump-free drink every time. This ease of mixing, combined with that well-known 7UP flavor, provides a hassle-free, familiar drinking experience.

While the brand currently offers its signature and cherry flavors in the powdered format, there's perhaps potential for holiday-themed expansion by mixing a few flavors together. Try combining Cranberry Canada Dry with Cherry 7UP packets, perhaps, to make a festive mix.

Canada Dry

Canada Dry drinks
Canada Dry drinks - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Renowned for its sparkling beverages and the perfect tummy-calming drinks, Canada Dry presents an interesting twist with its powdered drink mixes. The flavor profile is bold and robust, sure to delight those who appreciate a strong ginger kick. However, those expecting the characteristic effervescence of Canada Dry might be left yearning, as the powdered version will inevitably lack that signature sparkle.

The Cranberry Ginger Ale variant stands out with its rich, vibrant hue. This colorful concoction offers a delightful drinking experience on its own, and perhaps has the potential to be a splendid cocktail base by mixing in a bit of gin.

The powder blends well with water, ensuring a seamless preparation process. While the flavor options might seem limited — between the classic Ginger Ale and its cranberry counterpart –—the offerings are impactful.

Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch powdered drink
Hawaiian Punch powdered drink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Diving into Hawaiian Punch's powdered mix is like reuniting with an old friend; it's comfortably familiar and precisely what you'd expect. The flavor is quintessential Hawaiian Punch, a fruity medley offering a mini vacation for the taste buds.

When it comes to the visual experience, Hawaiian Punch pulls no subtle punches. In fact, the color is perhaps even too much; its brightness could potentially stain clothing if you're not careful. Yet, that same vividness contributes to the overall sense of fun and excitement that the drink elicits.

The drink mixing is as straightforward as it gets. A quick stir is all it takes to achieve a lump-free, flavor-packed refreshment, adding to the overall convenience of the product. Where Hawaiian Punch truly excels, however, is in its extensive variety of flavors. From classic Fruit Punch to the more adventurous options like Berry Blue Typhoon and Wild Purple Smash, there's a flavor for every palate.


Nerds powdered drink
Nerds powdered drink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

It's impossible to not think of candy when shaking up some Nerds flavored water. The flavor is unmistakably "Nerds," with a distinctive sweet and tangy taste. For those who love these crunchy, playful candies, the drink is a delightful liquid rendition of a beloved classic.

This drink mix is another option with absolutely radiant hues. There's no doubt that it's bright, perhaps even bordering on a bit too much, but given the bursting flavor it provides, it's worth it. Plus, mixing is a breeze and the powder dissolves seamlessly, leaving no grainy residues. Every sip feels smooth and consistent, just as a quality drink mix should.

When it comes to variety, Nerds offers a delightful trio. Strawberry, Grape, and Cherry flavors cater to different candy preferences, ensuring that there's something for all Nerds lovers. While some Nerds fans inevitably enjoy combining the candies in their handfuls, however, each powder is only one flavor.


Waterdrop drink cubes
Waterdrop drink cubes - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Waterdrop has advertising all over social media, so you've probably run across these tasty offerings. The innovative approach of compacting flavors into small cubes is intriguing and highly practical. With just a quick drop into a water bottle, you're good to go. While not all flavors are super tasty, a few quite are quite worthwhile.

When you drop those cute cubes in, don't expect a dramatic visual transformation of your water. Waterdrop offers only a hint of color change, ensuring a more natural appearance that's easy on the eyes and suggests a lighter touch on artificial colorants. The magic of Waterdrop lies in its simplicity and patience. The cube slowly releases its flavor as time progresses, creating an evolving drink. Start sipping immediately for a milder taste, or wait a bit to let the flavor profile mature and intensify.

The range of flavors offered is nothing short of exciting. With options that span the spectrum from classic to novel and even varieties infused with caffeine for an extra kick, there's a cube for every mood and preference. We especially enjoy the coconut pineapple offering (called Koko Pina), which delightfully captures and distills tropical flavor.


Kool-Aid powdered drink
Kool-Aid powdered drink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

For many, Kool-Aid is the taste of childhood, and this powdered drink mix doesn't disappoint. It packs a sugary punch — quite literally, given that the recipe calls for a full cup of sugar. The end product is an irresistibly sweet concoction teetering on the line between fruitiness and pure sugar bliss. It's the kind of drink that instantly transports you back to childhood summers, replete with giggles and grass-stained knees.

When poured into a glass, Kool-Aid dazzles with its vibrant, almost cartoonish color. The hues are playful and draw you in, much like a child to a crayon box. It's a visual feast leading to the sweet overload your taste buds will experience.

Mixing Kool-Aid is as straightforward as it gets. A few swirls in a pitcher with water, sugar, and water, and you're good to go. However, the packaging is more geared towards large batches. If you're looking to prepare a smaller serving, you'll need to rely on your own judgment, as the instructions don't cater to that need.

Country Time

Country Time powdered drink
Country Time powdered drink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

For a taste of summertime, look no further than this iconic lemonade mix and preferred choice of lemonade stand entrepreneurs everywhere. Yes, with 34 grams of added sugar, it's a sugar-lover's dream — something to revel in or be cautious about, depending on your dietary preferences.

In the aesthetics department, Country Time keeps things classic. The resultant drink offers a pleasingly mellow yellow or pink hue, perfectly encapsulating lemonade's essence in taste and appearance. It's the color of warm, lazy afternoons and the subtle sweetness of doing absolutely nothing.

The preparation process is a breeze, blending effortlessly into water to produce a luscious, lemony elixir in mere moments. It's hard to go wrong when the formula is this foolproof. As for the flavor range, Country Time chooses to specialize rather than diversify. With only two main offerings, the brand puts all its energy into getting them just right — and it shows. There's a purity in that focus, a commitment to doing one thing, and doing it exceptionally well.

Crystal Light

Crystal Light powdered drink
Crystal Light powdered drink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

When you think of classic powdered drinks, there's a few brands that immediately jump to mind. Crystal Light is one, and it still promises and delivers in unique drink offerings.

In terms of color, Crystal Light tends to be subtle, delicately tinting a drink rather than overpowering it with vibrancy. However, there are surprises along the way. The Peach Iced Tea, for instance, surprises with its richer, more profound coloring — a delightful exception to the generally muted shades.

One of the standout features of Crystal Light is its ease of mixing. It's as straightforward as pouring, stirring, and sipping. The absence of lingering granules ensures a smooth, enjoyable drink every time.

But perhaps where Crystal Light truly shines is in its vast flavor portfolio. This brand has you covered, whether you're craving a refreshing iced tea, a tangy lemonade, or something more adventurous. The expansive selection caters to single-serving enthusiasts, as well as those who'd prefer to whip up an entire pitcher.


Celsius powdered rink
Celsius powdered rink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Celsius has carved a niche in the world of powdered drink mixes, and after the first sip, it's easy to understand why. The flavor is rich, full-bodied, and inviting — a drink you'll reach for repeatedly. Adding a multitude of vitamins and a caffeine punch equivalent to a standard Celsius drink can make it a tempting choice for those needing a boost.

The color spectrum of Celsius tends to gravitate towards deeper, more saturated hues. Rather than bright pops, it gives the water a mysterious and immersive shade, pulling you into its depth. There's something almost alchemical about the transformation, turning the mundane into something profound.

On the mixing front, Celsius presents a bit of a challenge. It demands patience and a thorough stir. Even then, you might find some remnants refusing to blend in completely. It's a minor hiccup in an otherwise delightful drink experience but something worth noting for those who prefer perfectly smooth drinks.

Flavor-wise, Celsius doesn't disappoint. It offers a compelling range of fruity delights, and while each has its own charm, the Cranberry Lemon flavor stands out. It's a symphony of tart and tangy — a flavor profile as refreshing as it is invigorating.


Snapple powdered drink
Snapple powdered drink - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

When you think of Snapple, what comes to mind is those iconic glass bottles and clever facts under the cap. When it comes to powdered drinks you get neither, but Snapple does maintain its delightful variety of flavors with a twist. These flavors are lively and have a certain zing to them; Kiwi Strawberry, in particular, is a standout — a delightful medley of sweetness and tartness that dances on the palate.

Snapple's powdered offerings are pretty subdued in coloration. The resulting drink is lightly tinted, reminiscent of their bottled beverages. One of Snapple's strengths lies in its mixing ease. With just a few stirs, you're ready to enjoy a refreshing drink, free from the pesky remnants that sometimes plague other mixes.

While Snapple offers a more condensed range of flavors, what they do offer is top-notch. Favorites like Kiwi Strawberry, Fruit Punch, and the tropical allure of Mango Madness stand out. But what's also worth noting is their diet line, which broadens the flavor horizon even further, catering to those watching their sugar intake. There's a reason this one stands out from the crowd.

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