Olympics 2012: Live Report

So that's it for this Live Report -- thanks for being with us during this momentous Games. LIVE REPORT ENDS.

2337 GMT: As we prepare to wrap up this Live Report on the last day of the Olympics, we will leave you with our PICTURE OF THE DAY -- fireworks going off around the Olympic Stadium during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.

And our TWEET OF THE DAY comes from Tanni Grey-Thompson (@Tanni_GT), the 11-time British Olympic Paralympic gold medallist, who writes simply: "Bring on the Paralympics!!!!"

2324 GMT: So the closing ceremony may be getting mixed reviews, but there is no doubt the Games itself has been a triumph.

From Usain Bolt to Oscar Pistorius, the Dream Team to Chris Hoy, everyone will have their favourite memories which will live with them for years.

Many will miss it now it's over. But remember, the Paralympics starts on August 29 -- and it's only four years until the Rio Games.

2306 GMT: Now they're closing up with "My Generation".

The crowd are going wild amid a flurry of ticker tape as fireworks erupt above the Olympic Stadium, which will be visible right across London.

2302 GMT: The Who are on stage to close the ceremony, performing "Baba O'Riley".


2255 GMT: Ballerina Darcey Bussell flies into the stadium to join some 200 other dancers on stage for a routine seemingly inspired by the Olympic flame.

2252 GMT: Take That are on stage singing "Rule The World" as we enter the finale.

Their appearance had been in doubt after singer Gary Barlow's baby daughter was stillborn earlier this month.


2248 GMT: "You have showed the world the best of British hospitality," says Rogge in his closing speech. "These were happy and glorious Games."

2242 GMT: "We lit the flame and we lit up the world," London Games chief Sebastian Coe says in his final speech as we near the end of the closing ceremony.

"When the time came, Britain, we did it right -- thank you."

2238 GMT: Footballing legend Pele gets a huge cheer as he comes on stage for the spectacular Rio finale, which ends with a huge firework display.

A rich and attractive celebration of Rio life.

2234 GMT: "Now it's carnival time as 2016 host city Rio de Janeiro takes to the stage," says AFP's John Weaver.

The action starts with samba-dancing street sweeper Renato Sorriso and also features drummers from Rio's samba schools. Singer Marisa Monte is also performing.

2228 GMT: Now for the handing of the Olympic flag from London to Rio.

London mayor Boris Johnson, who gets a huge cheer, waves the flag before handing it to the IOC's Rogge, who then passes it to Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio.

2223 GMT: The Greek and Brazilian national anthems are being played -- Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games and Brazil is where the next Games will be held in Rio in 2016.

2217 GMT: From the big screen, the late Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury directs the crowd in a singalong.

Then the band's guitarist Brian May comes on stage for a lengthy solo workout which turns into "We Will Rock You," sung by Jessie J.

Fireworks are erupting around the stadium amid a mass singalong.

2211 GMT: That section ends with a real human cannonball being fired across the stadium -- and fortunately landing on a trampoline.

Now it's time for sci-fi obsessed hard rockers Muse to take the stage.

2207 GMT: Speaking of which, here is Eric Idle from Monty Python leading the crowd and athletes in a singalong to "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life."

He is surrounded by roller-skating nuns. Yes, it's as bonkers as it sounds.

2205 GMT: Crowds of actors in Edwardian costume are on stage as "Mr Blue Sky" by 1970s prog rockers ELO plays.

A man on a flying bicycle, another climbing into a cannon before the attempt to fire him out flops -- classic English eccentricity.

2201 GMT: Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye perform "Wonderwall" -- though his brother Noel, who wrote the song, is absent. The two have a famously tempestuous relationship.

AFP's Ruth Holmes, who says: "It seems the Spice Girls can still do it after all these years. Crowds seem pleased anyway. Lots of hand waving and big cheers as they drove off."

2157 GMT: A bit of real star power at last as Victoria Beckham et al belt out "Spice Up Your Life" while dancing on top of those black cabs as they are driven around the stadium.

TV cameras pick up Prime Minister David Cameron and London mayor Boris Johnson dancing along.

2155 GMT: The Spice Girls pull up in five blinged-out black cabs with the registration plate "Spice" and start singing "Wannabe."

This is their first performance together since 2008.

2152 GMT: Now Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz are singing the Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing."

"It really is like being in a giant disco, isn't it?" muses BBC commentator, DJ Trevor Nelson.

2146 GMT: Jessie J has popped up from a convertible Rolls Royce and is being driven around the stadium singing "Price Tag."

"It's not about the money, money, money" -- easy to identify with if you've got a gold medal hanging around your neck!

2144 GMT: The athletes seem to be enjoying it anyway, dancing along to "Rockafeller Skank" as Fatboy -- aka Norman Cook -- spins the decks atop what looks like a giant inflatable squid.

2142 GMT: Brand continues the Beatles theme singing "I Am The Walrus" through a loudspeaker as racy policewomen and women sporting swimsuits gyrate around him.

This looks like the Swinging Sixties mixed with Willy Wonka.

And now for Fatboy Slim...

2140 GMT: Flamboyant actor Russell Brand has just swept into the stadium on top of a psychedlic bus, singing "Pure Imagination."

Things are starting to get a bit more trippy now...

2135 GMT: Singer Ed Sheeran is next, singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" -- accompanied by the band's drummer Nick Mason plus Mike Rutherford from Genesis.

2130 GMT: Smoke surrounds the Olympic cauldron as Annie Lennox appears to sing "Little Bird".

Her costume and set are extraordinary -- French Revolution meets Moby Dick.

2128 GMT: Images of David Bowie flashing up on the screen now -- his song "Heroes" has been one of the soundtracks of the Games, being commonly played to honour gold medal winners.

Then an interlude honouring the British fashion industry featuring Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell wearing outlandish gowns.

Moss and Campbell are both in metallic gold dresses. How fitting.

2124 GMT: The Who's "Pinball Wizard" is performed by the Kaiser Chiefs as performers circle the stadium on the back of Union Jack-clad mod scooters.

Is this a nod to the mod sensibilities of Britain's gold medal winning cyclist Bradley Wiggins?

2119 GMT: "Right now you are at the centre of the universe!" Michael tells the audience as he moves on to his new hit "White Light" -- inspired by his experience of illness.

"The stadium's rocking as George Michael performs "White Light" - a personal ode to endurance and survival," AFP's John Weaver tells us.

2115 GMT: An electric reception for Michael, who has had an enforced break from performing after falling seriously ill while on tour in Austria last year.

2113 GMT: George Michael is up next singing "Freedom 90" -- his first live performance in nearly a year.

2110 GMT: The stadium goes black and the strains of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" play out as a spectacular light show starts to ripple around.

A choir of children from Liverpool sings "Imagine" by John Lennon, their white T-shirts emblazoned with the word.

101 fragments of a broken sculpture come together to form the face of Lennon before he himself appears singing on a big screen, and the crowd sings along.

2107 GMT: This segment is recognising the contribution of the 70,000 volunteers who helped make the Games happen.

That cheer -- to a soundtrack of "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles -- is perhaps the biggest of the evening so far.

2100 GMT: The victory ceremony for the men's marathon comes next -- the last medal ceremony of the Games and a traditional part of the closing ceremony.

Rogge presents gold to Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich, silver to Kenya's Abel Kirui and bronze to Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich, also of Kenya.

2055 GMT: A team of Indian drummers are on stage playing along to Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" -- although it seems she will not be performing in person as rumoured.

Performers bring 303 white boxes into the arena to represent the 303 Olympic events as a montage of scenes from the Olympics is shown. The boxes are used to build a pyramid.

2050 GMT: Lawmaker Louise Mensch is among those noticing that some of the music in the show is now being repeated.

"Why are they repeating the loop...? We have so many awesome tunes. Athletes look great, but..." she writes on Twitter.

2044 GMT: The closing ceremony is getting a mixed reaction on Twitter at the moment, with some comparing it unfavourably with Danny Boyle's incredibly imaginative opening ceremony.

British author and journalist Toby Young writes: "I think the Queen had a sneak preview of this. Then it was, "I'd love to come, I really would, but..."

The Queen may be absent but Kate, wife of Prince William, is in the crowd along with Prince Harry, keeping up the strong royal support for the Games to the end.

2037 GMT: Now all of the athletes are coming in to a rousing reception from the crowd, AFP's John Weaver says.

They are waving mini flags, filming the scene on mobile phones and smiling broadly.

A nice touch -- one of the athletes carries a sign saying "Thanks coach!"

2032 GMT: The flagbearers for each nation -- all 204 of them -- enter to stadium to huge applause from the audience, carrying the giant, colourful standards of their nations.

These include David Rudisha for Kenya -- who set a new world record in winning the 800m.

They are accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra playing a new work by David Arnold called "Parade of Athletes". Elbow are on now, performing " Open Arms" and "One Day Like This."

2030 GMT: A montage of disappointed athletes crying during the Games plays during another reflective number from Emeli Sande. A more downbeat moment but I'm sure things will brighten up again soon...

2022 GMT: The Beatles' "A Day In The Life" is the soundtrack as talent show winners Spellbound perform a sequence which starts with alarm bells ringing and a performer getting up from a giant bed.

Kinks singer Ray Davies arrives in a black cab to sing "Waterloo Sunset" -- perhaps the most famous pop song ever written about London.

2020 GMT: Stomp take over the stage again, mixing stunning dance moves with rhythmic dexterity on those metal bin lids again -- an incredible noise evoking London's more chaotic, intense side.

2016 GMT: Bringing the show up to date, we now have boy band One Direction performing "What Makes You Beautiful" on a flatbed trailer.

"London 2012 make some noise!" they shout, and the crowd are happy to oblige.

2014 GMT: A massed band of the Guards -- complete with signature bearskin hats, are playing a brass accompaniment to "Parklife" by Blur.

The zany street party peformers on stage are dancing along.

The Pet Shop Boys appear, playing "West End Girls." In a nod to Britain's cycling success at the Games, they are being pulled around the arena by a team of cyclists wearing futuristic orange pointy helmets.

2010 GMT: Now we cut to a big screen showing Michael Caine in "The Italian Job" before Madness appear on stage playing "Our House."

"The monochrome set explodes into colour as large trucks burst open to reveal street parties," AFP's John Weaver tells us.

2008 GMT: The auditorium is filling up with traffic wrapped in newspapers and the music is speeding up -- this feels like a reimagining of a particularly stressful rushhour in London.

Churchill shouts "stop" and it does. Prince Harry, representing the Queen, and IOC president Jacques Rogge arrive in the stadium. Britain's national anthem "God Save The Queen" is played.

2005 GMT: Now Winston Churchill -- played by actor Timothy Spall -- appears on top of Big Ben reciting lines from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" -- echoing the opening ceremony.

Members of physical theatre company Stomp are beating time with the accompanying music, dangling from the London landmarks and hitting rubbish bin lids.

2002 GMT: The action opens with nine chimes from Big Ben before singer Emeli Sande starts the music, performing on top of a rubbish truck covered in newspaper.

"The crowd are in the mood for a party," says AFP's John Weaver.


We can now confirm that The Who, George Michael, Russell Brand, The Spice Girls and Annie Lennox will be among the acts appearing, plus top supermodels and a samba-dancing street cleaner.

The centre piece of the stadium is a stunning mock up of some of London's iconic landmarks -- the London Eye flanked by Big Ben and the Gherkin alongside the Royal Albert Hall, Tower Bridge and Battersea Power Station. Scattered around are London cabs all wrapped up in newspaper and set on a giant Union Jack artpiece by Damien Hirst.

1955 GMT: Despite her starring role in the opening ceremony alongside James Bond aka Daniel Craig, Queen Elizabeth II will not be attending this time round.

She and husband Prince Philip are at the royals' Scottish country estate Balmoral. Perhaps they will be watching on TV.

1950 GMT: Darkness is falling and we have only ten minutes until the show starts. The excitement is mounting at the stadium.

"The guy leading the entertainment just got us all to take pictures at once. The whole stadium lit up with flashes. Magical!" Ruth says.

1930 GMT: With half an hour until the closing ceremony starts, AFP's Ruth Holmes is down at the Olympic Stadium and reports the build-up is well under way.

"Real sense of expectation as the stadium fills up and the sun goes down," she tells us.

"Crowd being entertained by a jazz band playing Britpop tunes... a foretaste of tonight's celebration of British music. Now being led in a Mexican wave!"

1913 GMT: On the other side of London to the Olympic Park, a huge concert is under way place in Hyde Park to mark the end of the Olympics featuring Blur, New Order and The Specials.

Some of the best moments from the Olympics are being flashed up on big screens during the evening, being attended by tens of thousands of people.

1852 GMT: Team GB have geared up for tonight's musical extravaganza with a performance by 1980s band Spandau Ballet of their hit "Gold".

The band's singer Tony Hadley tweets: "#GOLD #TeamGB I am filled with pride having just performed Gold for all the Team GB medalists. Well done to all of you!"

An appropriate choice for the host nation, whose medal haul is the best for more than 100 years.

1837 GMT: There has been plenty of excitement, rumour and mystery about what will be in the closing ceremony.

We know that George Michael and Muse playing, while it seems highly likely the Spice Girls will be joining them. One of the girls, Geri Halliwell, tweeted earlier: "Are you ready?" and "I wonder what it would feel like to party with four billion people?"

Others rumoured to be taking part are classic British rock acts The Who and The Kinks.

The show's musical director David Arnold -- best known for scoring Bond films -- has said it will be "beautiful, cheeky, cheesy, camp, silly and thrilling."

If the opening ceremony is anything to go by, it is likely to be absolutely spectacular.

1825 GMT: So now we're gearing up for this evening's closing ceremony.

Pre-show entertainment gets under way at 1900 GMT while the main ceremony starts at 2000 GMT. Stay with us for more on what to expect.

1740 GMT: In case you've missed any of it, here's a reminder of today's main action:

+ Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich won men's marathon gold, crossing the line with a huge smile on his face in 2:08.01;

+ The United States Dream Team of NBA stars beat Spain 107-100 in the final to win America's 14th basketball gold;

+ In men's volleyball, World Cup-holders Russia came from two sets down to beat world champions Brazil in the final.

+ Defending men's handball champions France edged out Sweden 22-21 to take gold after a tight contest while Croatia won men's water polo gold with a win over Italy.

+ Anthony Joshua snatched the men's super heavyweight (+91kg) gold from defending champion Italy's Roberto Cammarelle to claim Britain's third boxing gold of the Games. Meanwhile Kazakhstan's Serik Sapiyev won the men's welterweight (69kg) title with a 17-9 win over Britain's Freddie Evans.

1730 GMT: But it's not quite over yet! There's still a spectacular three-and-a-half hour closing ceremony to come at the Olympic Stadium and we'll be bringing you details of what to expect shortly.

1725 GMT: Thus ends the London 2012 Games!! At the close of the sporting schedule, the USA is top of the medal board with 46 golds out of a total of 104. China follows with 38 golds from 87 overall, with host nation Britain in third place with a total of 64 including 29 golds.

1718 GMT: So it's gold for Lithuania's Larua Asadauskaite -- the last of the 302 gold medals to be awarded at London 2012. Britain's Sam Murray takes the silver and Brazil's Yane Marques takes bronze in the modern pentathlon.


1711 GMT: And Laura Asadauskaite fires ahead of the leader to cross the line first as Britain's Sam Murray comes up behind her, also overtaking the Brazilian...

1707 GMT: PENTATHLON: Right, the final phase of the women's pentathlon is under way -- the LAST EVENT OF THE GAMES!!

Brazil's Yane Marques takes an early lead, with Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania catching her up after the second round of shooting. Britain's Sam Murray is looking like a strong contender for bronze in third place.

1657 GMT: BASKETBALL: The USA dream team have just had their podium moment -- sadly one of the last of the Games. Meanwhile Barack Obama sends this message on Twitter: "Congrats to the U.S. women?s and men's basketball teams for bringing home the gold. You all make us so proud. -bo"

1648 GMT: To correct my earlier entry, before the combined event came the riding, which features instead of pistol shooting in the women's competition.

After this third event, which follows the fencing and swimming phases, world champion Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania and Brazilian military officer Yane Marques share the lead going into the final round. The pair were locked together on 3268 points and will set off for the combined final leg together.

In third in the staggered start, two seconds behind, will be France's Amelie Caze who moved up two places in the show jumping test.

1628 GMT: PENTATHLON: The women's modern pentathlon is about to enter its final stage -- the combined riding and shooting event.

Earlier Hungarian student Adrienn Toth took the lead after the fencing and swimming events with 2132 points. Brazil's Yane Marques, tied for sixth after the fencing, moved into second on 2116 points, with Britain's Samantha Murray lying third on 2096 points.

1619 GMT: Jessica Ennis, one of the iconic faces of the Games, sums up the experience on Twitter: "What a fantastic games!! #TeamGB has been incredible! So proud to have been part of it!"

1612 GMT: So that's two more golds down and only ONE more to play for! We can hardly believe it's almost over.

Don't go away though -- last but not least is the women's modern pentathlon. And of course there's the big finale still to come...


Croatia beat Italy 8-6 to win the gold medal in the men's water polo competition. Meanwhile Serbia beat Montenegro 12-11 to claim the bronze medal.

1605 GMT: The United States Dream Team of NBA stars capture their second Olympic men's basketball gold medal in a row and the 14th overall for America by beating Spain 107-100 in the final.

That means the US multi-millionaire lineup of NBA elite claim their fifth crown in the past six Olympics, improving to 62-1 since revamping the national team program after settling for bronze in 2004.

The Americans ran through the tournament undefeated just as they did in 2008 when they defeated Spain 118-107 in the Beijing final. The latest roster had five gold winners from Beijing and five from the US 2010 world champions.


Final score: USA 107 - 100 Spain

1550 GMT: It's 99-93 to USA with two mintues to go.... Surely another gold for team USA?

1546 GMT: BASKETBALL: It's a star-studded crowd at the USA-Spain game -- clearly the hottest ticket of the day. Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and London Mayor Boris Johnson all in the stands, though our guy Jim tells us that some slipped out for part of the game -- poor show!

Back to play and Jim tells us: "Kevin Durant hits a three-pointer and it's 93-86 with 6:10 remaining as Spain calls timeout. USA shooting 30 of 60 (50 percent) from the field, Spain still out-rebounding and out-assisting USA NBA stars."

1541 GMT: Defending men's handball champions France were pushed all the way in a gripping final but retained their crown, edging a tight contest to beat unfancied Sweden 22-21.

Earlier, Croatia came out on top in the bronze medal match, overcoming Hungary 33-26.


1530 GMT: BASKETBALL: Into the second half of the USA-Spain match now, and things are looking up for team, says Jim Slater: "Pau Gasol scored the first 13 Spanish points of the second half to keep Spain in it, but USA are starting to get those fast break chances they love.

"LeBron converted one with a slam dunk and Kobe has hit two long shots to signal he's getting hot. 77-72 USA 3:34, USA on an 11-4 run to get that lead."

1525 GMT: HANDBALL: Three-times runners up Sweden are putting up a good fight in the men's final against France and with just rive minutes to go the French reigning champions lead by only three points, at 21-19. Anything could happen in the crucial final moments...

1519 GMT: Wtith two medal matches in full throttle, another to come in water polo, and the women's modern pentathlon still to conclude, the sporting action's not over yet. But many athletes are turning their attention already to tonight's closing ceremony.

South Africa's Oscar Pistorius -- ?@OscarPistorius -- tweets: "Really feel honoured to be chosen to carry the SA flag in the closing ceremony tonight! What a great ending to the games it'll be! :)"

1514 GMT: BOXING: After Anthony Joshua's victory in the men's super heavyweight final earlier, Italy immediately appealed the decision -- but this appeal has been rejected, the British team announced on Twitter.

Joshua, who only took up boxing four years ago, overturned a three-point deficit heading into the final round to clinch the narrowest of victories, winning on count-back against defending champion Roberto Cammarelle of Italy.

1507 GMT: BASKETBALL: Back at the North Greenwich arena Jim Slater reports: "Easily the best sustained fight the USA has had at the Olympics! Kevin Durant leads with 17 points, Navarro 19 to pace Spain.

"Spain out-rebounded USA 21-19 in first half and had 11 assists to seven for the USA, indicating their passing was working well.

"Could be a huge upset in the making. Spain were inconsistent and not playing their best 10 days ago but now they are looking to be in there to the finish."

1502 GMT: HANDBALL: Another big medal match is also under way now, with Sweden putting up a fight against defending Olympic champions and double world champions France.

France leads Sweden 15-12 ten minutes into the second half.

John Weaver, watching the action, says it was "a cagey opening, in which neither side could establish a clear advantage". But there's huge support for the French from the crowds.

1454 GMT: "Another disliked foul call has Spain fans chanting abuse at the ref," Jim tells us.

"Deron Williams hits a three to make it 58-51 to the USA with 1:33 until halftime."

1452 GMT: Jim adds: "Marc Gasol goes to the bench with his fourth personal foul 4:31 into second quarter. (Five and you are out of the game.) His absence will be a blow to Spain as he's Kobe Bryant's NBA Los Angeles Lakers teammate.

"How well Spain handles rest of the half will say a lot about how this should play out...

"Lots of booing from Spain fans at ref and whistles... they don't like calls on Spain but free throws are about even -- USA have taken 14 of 16 from the line and Spain 12 of 13."

1448 GMT: BASKETBALL: Back to the big match of the moment, with Jim Slater reporting:

"Fans intense with U-S-A and Es-pan-a chants going back and forth as Spain lead 44-43 with 6:24 to go before halftime.

"Rudy Fernandez alley oop dunk to close first quarter touched off a 14-2 Spain run to take a 39-37 edge, Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy each with five in the run."

1444 GMT: There was jubilation in the blue corner as Joshua was declared the winner and Britain claimed its third boxing gold. Nicola Adams has already made history winning the first ever women's boxing gold while Luke Campbell won gold in the Bantamweight final.

Team GB's chef de mission Andy Hunt tweets: "Massive, massive win and gold medal for @anthonyfjoshua @TeamGB in Boxing! Anthony you are a legend! Gold medal #29 #OurGreatestTeam."

1338 GMT: Britain's Anthony Joshua wins the men's super heavyweight (+91kg) gold on count-back against defending champion Italy's Roberto Cammarelle after their bout finished 18-all.

Having lost in the semi-finals, Azerbaijan's Magomedrasul Medzhidov and Kazakhstan's Ivan Dychko won bronze medals.


1434 GMT: And then this: "Rudy Fernandez slammed in an alley-oop dunk to pull Spain within 35-27 after the first quarter, which ended with Kevin Durant blocking a Pau Gasol shot.

"Kevin Durant 12 points in first quarter to lead USA. Juan-Carlos Navarro 14 to lead Spain."

1432 GMT: BASKETBALL: More from Jim at the North Greenwich Arena: "Spain has an early 12-5 run for a 12-7 lead, hot hand from three-point range for Juan-Carlos Navarro."

"USA answers with 18-4 run Kobe hits two three-pointers in the run and Carmelo hits two 3s and totals eight points in the spurt. Add four Kevin Durant free throws and it's 25-16."

1428 GMT: World Cup-holders Russia came from two sets down to beat world champions Brazil in that thrilling men's volleyball final.

Russia looked down and out at two sets to love and 22-19 down in the third, but with the title in sight, Brazil wilted badly.

It was Brazil's second defeat in a row in an Olympic final.


1423 GMT: BASKETBALL: And another big men's gold medal match has just begun with Jacques Rogge among the VIP spectators. Jim Slater brings us this from the USA v Spain final:

"USA starters are Tyson Chandler, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul. Spain has Pau and Marc Gasol, Rudy Fernandez, Jose Calderon and Juan-Carlos Navarro, so it's practically an all-NBA game."

1418 GMT: VOLLEYBALL: The Russians have truly thrown the cat among the pigeous at the men's volleyball final, says Barnaby Chesterman: "The Eastern Europeans are simply purring at the moment while Brazil's response is more of a meek coo...

"Russia take the fourth set and it's a first to 15 decider. Have Brazil blown this? They were cruising and then took their foot off the gas."

1414 GMT: Russia's rhythmic gymnastics team claim their fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal after prevailing in the all-around group final at London's Wembley Arena.

Belarus finish in second place to take home the silver medal, with world champions Italy third.


1409 GMT: Russia's Egor Mekhontcev wins the light heavyweight (81kg) gold with a count-back win over Kazakhstan's Adilbek Niyazymbetov after their bout finished 15-all.

Having lost in the semi-finals, Brazil's Yamaguchi Falcao and Ukraine's Oleksandr Gvozdyk won bronze medals.


1405 GMT: So Jaroslav Kulhavy of the Czech Republic seizes the mountain bike gold after an epic seven-lap race, finishing in 1:29:07. He left Swiss Nino Schurter in a close second place, crossing the line in 1:29:08 while Italian Marco Fontana finished third to take the bronze in 1:29:32.

"An epic win for Kulhavy after an epic finale to the last cycling race of the Games," says our cycling man Justin.


Switzerland's Nino Schurter takes silver, while Italy's Marco Fontana claims bronze.

1358 GMT: WRESTLING: More on that win by Jacob Varner... The American won the men's 96kg freestyle wrestling gold after defeating Ukraine's Valerii Andriitsev in the final at London's Excel Arena

Bronze medals went to Georgia's George Gogshelidze and Azerbaijan's Khetag Gazyumov.

1354 GMT: CYCLING: "Italy's Fontana takes the lead, attacking for the second time in two minutes," Justin reports. "Kulhavy seems to be tiring slightly. This could be an epic, three-way fight for the gold....

"Now it's Schurter to attack, with Kulhavy on his wheel. The Italian drops back. Surely, they weren't going to let him win after the little contribution he made !!"


1345 GMT: CYCLING: On the mountain bike track, meanwhile, the medals appear all but secured, according to Justin Davis: "Nino Schurter takes a shot at the front with Czech Jaroslav Kulhavy on his wheel. Italian Marco Fontana on third wheel.

"Looks like the medals are decided, give or take a mishap or two. Expect more attacks because no one wants to finish in a sprint with Schurter, he's too fast!"

1341 GMT: VOLLEYBALL: Looks like it's not in the bag for Brazil after all, says our guy Barnaby at Earl's Court: "Russia hit back from 22-19 down to take the third set 29-27 and they are right back in this. They silenced the green and gold hordes too!"


Kazakhstan's Serik Sapiyev won the men's welterweight (69kg) title with a 17-9 win over Britain's Freddie Evans.

Having lost in the semi-finals, Ukraine's Taras Shelestyuk and Russia's Andrey Zamkovoy won bronze medals.

1333 GMT: CYCLING: Back at Hadleigh Farm, Switzerland's Nino Schurter is still in that five-man lead group, with Jean-Christophe Peraud chasing for France at 21secs behind with three laps to go, says Justin Davis:

"Great race here, but too much for Derek Horton, the man from Guam, who says: 'Mentally, I just wasn't prepared for this'"

1328 GMT: VOLLEYBALL: "Another cracking rally and Russia smash the ball wide," reports Barnaby Chesterman from the men's basketball final where Brazil lead Russia 2-0. "Brazil are three points from victory and the Earls Court Maracana is at boiling point ready to celebrate the inevitable?

"Russia threatening a comeback, Brazil rocking so they turn to legend and former captain Giba. That's got the stands jumping with delirium."

1324 GMT: BOXING: More details now on that lightweight boxing final... Ukraine's world champion Vasyl Lomachenko made an impressive start to the bout with a series of body shots which had Han on the back foot.

The Ukrainian took the first round 7-2 and extended his lead by shading the second 4-3 before taking the third round 8-4 to win by a ten-point margin.

A frustrated Han banged his gloves against his head guard at the final bell having missed his chance for gold.

1319 GMT: And another rider is out, adds Justin: "One of the sport's most unforgiving rules has just come into play, unluckily so for Guam's Derek Horton who is disqualified because he was trailing the field by so much.

"Five men in front now, with Peraud and another rider on a 25sec deficit."

1315 GMT: CYCLING: Back at the men's mountain bike race, Britain's Liam Killeen looks to be out of the race after his bike slid out from under him, Justin Davis tells us.

And it looks like Absalon 's medal bid is over. The two-time defending champion has pulled out according to organisers as he trailed the field after encountering problems on the first lap.

1308 GMT: Japan's Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu takes the men's 66kg freestyle wrestling gold medal after defeating India's Sushil Kumar, the Beijing bronze medallist, in the final.

Kumar's defeat means rifle shooter Abhinav Bindra, who won gold in Beijing four years ago, remains India's sole individual Olympic gold medallist.

Bronze medals in the 66kg class went to Kazakhstan's Akzhurek Tanatarov, beaten by Kumar in the semi-finals, and Cuba's Livan Lopez.


1305 GMT: Ukraine's world champion Vasyl Lomachenko added the Olympic lightweight (60kgs) title when he won gold in the final with a 19-9 win over South Korea's Han Soon-Chul.

Having lost in the semi-finals, Cuba's Yasnier Toledo and Lithuania's Evaldas Petrauskas won bronze medals.


1259 GMT: VOLEYBALL: From the men's volleyball final Barnaby Chesterman tweets: "It's not a massacre but Brazil are spanking Russia in the Olympic #volleyball final. And this place is rocking like the #Maracana!"

He tells us this about the action: "Brazil's Dante smashes down a winning spike after a cracking rally and this place is jumping with the green and golds heading to a two set to love lead. The wing spiker was poetry in motion there as he leapt through the air."

1254 GMT: "Absalon comes though over a minute behind. He's obviously suffered some kind of problem on the first lap, which was completed in just 13 min," Justin adds.

"Peraud -- who who came in just behind the leaders -- raced the Tour de France last month where he came close to winning a stage. His silver medal in Beijing earned him a pro contract on the road."

1250 GMT: And the cyclists are off....

"Julien Absalon is one of few riders to crash, but the Frenchman is chasing now," Justin tells us. "Furious pace here as the field ends its climb of snake hill with Schurter, Fumic and Kulhavy leading the pack.

"The demands of this course taking a toll on the peloton. Crashes galore and more than a few riders getting off and pushing their bikes up that steep hill. End of first lap and Kulhavy leads Schurter and Fotana over the line. Jean Christophe Peraud at around 15secs adrift.

1236 GMT: Justin says there are huge crowds down at the mountain bike course, which snakes through attractive countryside just outside the British capital.

"Yesterday there were an estimated 20,000 people here for the women's race," he says.

"No disrespect, but could be more today. Fans are lining the entirety of the scenic, 4.8 km circuit which looks out on to the Thames Estuary."

1232 GMT: CYCLING: The men's mountain bike race is getting under way in Essex, just outside London.

AFP's man Justin Davis is expecting similarities with Saturday's women's race won by France's Julie Bresset.

"Myself and esteemed colleague Jean Montois expect it to be more of the same: fast start, riders being dropped relatively early, riders falling victim to some of the technical features, as well as the pace, heat and pressure of trying to compete with the world's best," he says.

"Frenchman Julien Absalon is aiming for a third consecutive Olympic title in the discipline but has pointed at Swiss rival Nino Schurter as the big gold favourite."

1222 GMT: VOLLEYBALL: The men's final between Russia and Brazil has got under way -- and there is no doubt which nation has more support, says AFP's Barnaby Chesterman.

"The stands are packed with the famous green and gold," he says.

"First point to Brazil and Earl's Court erupted! This is going to be a partisan atmosphere for the Russians."

1218 GMT: BASKETBALL: Let's catch up now with some of the other action which took place during that exciting marathon finale.

Russia have won bronze in the men's basketball after beating Argentina 81-77 in the third-place playoff.

Alexey Shved, who will play for the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves next season, scored 25 points, 13 of them in the fourth quarter.

1215 GMT: A clearly emotional Stephen Kiprotich tells the BBC afterwards: "Since 1972, we have never won a medal so I'm very happy."

What a feat to break the marathon dominance of the Kenyans under the pressure of an Olympic Games.

1211 GMT: Kenya's Abel Kirui takes silver and Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich, also of Kenya, took bronze.

Stephen Kiprotich crossed the line with a huge smile on his face and the Ugandan flag draped over his shoulders in a winning time of 2:08.01.


1203 GMT: Stephen Kiprotich is looking very relaxed as he nears the end of the marathon, smiling and acknowledging the support from the crowd already.

He's running alongside the River Thames now, with the finishing line around a mile away.

1155 GMT: But what a surge! Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich has reversed that earlier position and is now in the lead ahead of the two Kenyans, to the delight of the crowds.

Kiprotich edged past them as they went around a corner at the 23 mile mark.

1152 GMT: ATHLETICS: In the marathon, the two Kenyans, Kiprotich and Kirui, are pulling away from Uganda's Kiprotich.

They have about four miles to go.

1136 GMT: A few hours into the day's action, here is a quick recap of the events so far on the final day of the London Olympics:

+ Kenya's Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich and Abel Kirui plus Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich are leading in the final phase of the men's marathon;

+ Italy won bronze in the men's volleyball after defeating Bulgaria in the third place playoff;

+ Latvia's Elena Rublevska is leading the women's pentathlon after the opening event, fencing.

1124 GMT: Kiprotich, Kirui and Kiprotich are now running three abreast in the lead -- there is nothing between them.

Loud support from the cheering crowd is spurring them on.

They will need all the help they can get in this heat, and with some serious running still to do.

1119 GMT: ATHLETICS: In the marathon, leader Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich is being pulled back by the pack.

He is still ahead but is looking tired.

His countryman and world champion Kirui is a close second and Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda is on Kirui's shoulder in third. We've just passed the 25km mark.

1112 GMT: AFP's Robert Leslie reports that Mo Farah has been letting his hair down after his double gold medal triumph after all.

"At a press conference at Team GB house, Farah munched on a croissant -- something he hasn't been able to do whilst training for the Games," he tells us.

1108 GMT: PENTATHLON: Latvia's Elena Rublevska is leading the women's event after the opening fencing leg.

The 36-year-old has a points tally of 1000 with Hungary's Adrienn Toth second on 976 points and Lithuania's world number one Laura Asadauskaite third with 952 points.

1050 GMT: ATHLETICS: Back at the marathon, Kenya's Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich has picked up the pace to take a clear lead at the 10 mile mark.

But there is a strong pack behind him including Kenya's Kirui and Mutai.

1045 GMT: VOLLEYBALL: Some news just in -- Italy have taken bronze in the men's competition after beating Bulgaria in the third-place playoff.

They won three sets to one -- 25-19, 23-25, 25-22, 25-21.

The final between Russia and Brazil comes at 1200 GMT.

1031 GMT: British cyclist Chris Hoy, who made it six career Olympic golds at this Games, is another one regretting that it all has to end.

"Don't want these amazing Games to end. What an experience these last couple of weeks have been," he writes on Twitter.

1023 GMT: Legendary marathon runner Haile Gebrselassie has just told the BBC he thinks today's unusual heat in London could prove uncomfortable for today's runners.

"The good thing, some parts of the course there is shade," he said. "That's an advantage otherwise it's a little bit warm."

The Ethiopian predicted victory for either Kenya or his own country -- whose leading contenders are Ayele Abshero and Dino Sefer.

1017 GMT: Maybe at the next Olympics in Rio in 2016, we will see Mo Farah running the marathon.

"In my career I'd like to step up to the marathon but not yet -- keep doing what I'm doing because it's working and see if I can get more medals," he said. "In your career you want to be able to collect as many medals as you can."

1007 GMT: Running alongside the River Thames past the Houses of Parliament on this warm day, Russia's Dmitry Safronov is setting the early pace as they approach the second kilometre. Kirui and Emmanuel Mutai of Kenya are also up near the front.

1001 GMT: And the marathon runners are off, all 105 of them, striding down The Mall past huge British and Olympic flags on either side.

0958 GMT: ATHLETICS: The men's marathon will start in a few moments and big crowds have gathered around Buckingham Palace near the start line.

The marathon route takes in some of London's best-known landmarks, including the Tower of London.

0955 GMT: Now Australian cricket legend Shane Warne is trying to get Usain Bolt to play cricket for the Melbourne Stars.

Warne tweets: "Cats out the bag, we've spoken Olympic legend @usainbolt would like to have a crack at 20/20 for the Melb stars ."

Warne has also tweeted a picture of Bolt posing with the team's strip, adding: "I think the Melb Stars colours suits him hahah Let's keep the momentum going & I will keep trying to make it happen!"

Bolt did play cricket as he was growing up but he is a multi-talented sportsman -- earlier in the Olympics, he was joking with Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter about trying out for them.

0944 GMT: As we wait for the marathon to get started in 15 minutes or so, let's have a quick look at the medals table going into the final day.

The US is on top with a total of 102 medals -- 44 gold, 29 silver, 29 bronze.

In second place is China with 87 medals -- 38 gold, 27 silver, 22 bronze.

And in third is host country Britain, which has taken 62 medals -- 28 gold, 15 silver and 19 bronze.

0937 GMT: Farah and Bolt are big fans of each other.

Farah said it was "awesome" that Bolt had copied his move.

"It is a big respect, the guy has broken the world record and is doing the Mobot," Farah said. "It is unbelievable, who would have thought that? The guy is a legend. I've known Usain for a long time and what he's doing for the sport is amazing."

Bolt added: "I said to him even before the Olympics I was going to do that when I get to the Olympics, but it slipped (my mind) the first two times because I was so happy that I won.

"But before I came out I watched his 5,000m and so made sure I did that."

0925 GMT: Usain Bolt's "lightning bolt" pose which he pulls after every victory is well known. But Mo Farah's "Mo-bot" is now a big hit as well.

For those who haven't seen it, the "Mo-bot" involves Farah touching the tips of his fingers on the top of his head to form his initial, M.

Farah performed the "Mo-bot" after winning 5,000m gold last night -- but Bolt then copied it just after helping Jamaica win the 4,100m relay, sending the stadium wild.

The two men later posed on the podium, doing each other's signature moves.

Some Farah fans this morning have even been posting pictures of themselves emulating the "Mo-bot" on Twitter.

0909 GMT: For those despairing over the end of the Olympics, never fear, the Paralympics are (almost) here.

Journalist and TV producer Paul Carter (@Juniorc0), an expert on Paralympic sport, has just tweeted this reminder: "Those lamenting the Olympics closing... I promise the Paralympics will blow your socks off. If you have feet. Unlike me. #nosocks."

The Paralympics run from August 29 to September 9

0848 GMT: Cameron was on the BBC just now saying that Farah's 5,000m was one of his favourite "magic" moments of the Games, so they will have plenty to chat about.

In other Olympic news from Downing Street, Cameron has just appointed London Games chief Sebastian Coe as "Olympics legacy ambassador".

Coe will advise the premier on how "best to secure the long-term benefits of hosting the Games," Cameron's office says.

0844 GMT: It seems there has been no such partying for Britain's Mo Farah, who capped his 10,000m Olympic win with 5,000m gold last night.

He is expected to attend a "hunger summit" at 10 Downing Street today where British Prime Minister David Cameron will be calling for international action to save 25 million children from stunted growth over the next four years.

Farah, who was born in Somalia and came to Britain as a young boy, has his own foundation which provides aid for people facing starvation and disease in east Africa.

0836 GMT: No word yet this morning from Usain Bolt, though.

The Jamaican sprinter who swept up three gold medals at this Games hinted he would be having a big night out Saturday after his country's 4x100m relay triumph.

But this time he was going to be without the Swedish women handball players who joined him on his last night on the tiles after he won the 100m.

"They're not here, they actually left the next day. Too bad, innit?," he told reporters in the stadium late on Saturday.

0827 GMT: US swimmer Missy Franklin has been one of the stars of this Games.

Her six medals including four golds makes her the most successful performer alongside Michael Phelps and Allison Schmitt.

So it would not be surprising if she was a bit sad to be going home.

Franklin wrote on Twitter this morning: "Closing ceremonies tonight! Can't believe it's almost over but walking with my entire USA team is a perfect way to end!"

0812 GMT: Here's a quick rundown of the main events to look out for today, and when:

+ Kenya's two-time world champion Abel Kirui is favourite for gold in the men's marathon from 1000 GMT;

+ The US Dream Team take on Spain in the men's basketball final from 1400 GMT;

+ The London Games wraps up with the closing ceremony, expected to be watched by a billion people worldwide. Pre-show entertainment gets under way from 1900 GMT and the main action starts at 2000 GMT.

WELCOME TO AFP'S OLYMPIC LIVE REPORT on the final day of the Games.

After 16 days of thrilling action in London, we're now in the home straight -- but there is still plenty more to come.

For many, today's highlight will be the spectacular closing ceremony from 2000 GMT which is rumoured to feature British pop stars like The Who, The Spice Girls and George Michael.

There is also the men's basketball final, which pitches the US's Dream Team against Spain, and the men's marathon to look out for before then.

How will we cope without all this excitement? Who knows, but in the meantime, stay with us and enjoy the last day.

Fireworks explode over the Olympic stadium in London during the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games on August 12, 2012. Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic Games.

British DJ and musician Fatboy Slim performs during the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games at the Olympic stadium in London on August 12, 2012.

Annie Lennox performs 'Little Bird' during the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium on August 12, 2012 in London. Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic Games.