De Zerbi 'looks pretty desperate to get out'

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Former Premier League striker Chris Sutton says Roberto de Zerbi's comments about not deciding on his future yet is "not the right way" to keep fans on side.

The Brighton boss, who has been linked with a move to Liverpool and Bayern Munich, told Sky Sports: "I have the contract, but I want to speak with [owner] Tony Bloom and my club to understand their plan. Then we'll take the decision together."

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live's Monday Night Club, Sutton said: "If you are a Brighton fan then you look at some of the things he is saying and thinking he looks pretty desperate to get out.

"He is ambitious and he is probably thinking: 'We did well last season and we tried our best in Europe, but we sell our best players every year.'

"He is thinking about getting out while it is going good. We all understand that.

"I am not sure he is gone about it in the right way, though. He may as well hold a sign above his head that says: 'Come and get me!'"

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