Zendaya's clever 'hair tuck' trick created the shortest micro-bob hairstyle

We were so excited when we saw Zendaya appear on the red carpet for the Dune: Part Two premiere at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. Because right before our eyes the actress was sporting the chicest micro-bob. And we were nearly certain it wasn't a wig.

Thrilled by the bold chop, we were pouring over the pictures of the, quite frankly, ridiculously A-list cast.

zendaya and flroence pugh at the dune premiere
Medios y Media - Getty Images

Posing alongside co-star Florence Pugh, Z's bob was short AF and looks like it belongs in the coolest of Berlin art schools. But then we saw more photos and it was clear we had been completely hoodwinked and bamboozled. This was no haircut. Miss Z had tricked us.

dune part two red carpet
Medios y Media - Getty Images

In a hair tuck hack similar to the one used recently by JLo at the Grammy's, Zendaya's hair has been loosely tied, twisted, and tucked up underneath itself, fastened invisibly to give the illusion of a short bob. At least we were right about it not being a wig?

If that first pick didn't convince you, zoom in on this bad boy. This is way more than curled under ends.

dune part two red carpet
Medios y Media - Getty Images

If you've been tempted to join the short hair club and go for a bob, this is a great way to play act before you take the plunge. Not to mention an ideal visual of what you'd look like and how it would suit your face. To be honest, if you master the tuck this well, you'll never even need to get a bob haircut; you can just tuck daily till the trend is over and you want long hair back.

Now, that would be some fast growth.

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